Lord of Rjai-lang

The Lord of Rjai-lang (Shinasthana: 籬陽侯, rjai-lang-go; Nov. 30, 1780 – Dec. 2, 1864) was a Themiclesian civil servant, military officer, and Liberal politician. He led an important reformist movement, founded the Liberal Party in its modern form, and governed Themiclesia between 1845 and 1859. Amongst his achievements, he is best remembered for introducing a general but limited franchise, which broke the bureaucratic monopoly on representation, and for loosening social controls that was key to supporting export industries.


The Lord of Rjar-lang is named De Hwalh (緹奐). On Jan. 6, 1819, he was made Lord Smrjang′ (爽君, smrjang′-kljul), roughly meaning "Lord of Illumination", reflecting his political beliefs. Three years later, he inherited his father's title and became the Lord of Rjai-lang.

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The Lord of Rjai-lang remains one of the most popular prime ministers in recent Themiclesian history. Most histories remember him as a reformer, though others have nuanced these views considerably. Alternative portrayals exist to emphasize the role of his great charisma, distinct vision, or political deftness in mid-19th-century Themiclesia, or to elucidate the influence of diplomatic and domestic situations that contributed to his rise and subsequent policy decisions.





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