Maltropian ducat

Maltropian ducat
Ducad Maltróipeach (Irish)
Symbol€ / MD€
 Freq. usedMD€5, MD€10, MD€20, MD€50, MD€100
 Rarely usedMD€200, MD€500
User(s) Maltropia
Central bankPríomhbanc Maltróipea
 SourceThe World Factbook, 2016 est.

The Maltropian Ducat is the official currency of Maltropia and, by treaty, Stiltonia. Its ISO 4217 code is MTD, although its usual notation is in Maltropia and MD€ abroad to avoid confusion. It is subdivided into 100 subunits. It is issued and regulated by Príomhbanc Maltróipea.

In addition to being the official currency in Maltropia and Stiltonia, the Maltropian Ducat has at times been widely used in international trade because of its stability and Maltropia's major role presence in global markets.


2014 series notes
MD€5 note
MD€10 note
MD€50 note
MD€100 note
MD€200 note (Ardencross Castle)
MD€500 note

Since 1994, notes have been produced featuring prominent Maltropian historical landmarks. A majority of these have been religious or military sites, including royal centres such as Ardencross castle. To date, only one out of the twenty-one notes issued has featured a natural landmark (Groomsbridge glacier, MD€10 2004 series). The current series, issued in 2014, is shown on the left.