Marcel Devilleneuve

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Marcel Devilleneuve
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Education Minister
Assumed office
30 April 2020
Preceded byJean Juliotau
Academy member
In office
14 March 2012 – 27 April 2017
Personal details
Marcel Devilleneuve

(1972-07-18) July 18, 1972 (age 51)
Saint-Florentin, Yonne, Voisey
Political partyUnion Gaulliste Conservatrice
Height1 m 68cm
SpouseJeanne Chouvot (born Girard)
ChildrenRaymond, Jacques, Pauline
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  • Edmond Devilleneuve (father)
  • Marie Lemet (mother)
Alma materENPA (Ecole National de Politique et d'Administartion), Nancy; Clermont-Ferrand School of Literature
Salary6850 FV (7100$)

Marcel Devilleneuve, born July 18, 1972 in Saint-Florentin, is a voiseyian politician. He was an academician from 2012 to 2017. Jean Mercenet is affiliated with the UGC since 2017. He is the actual Minister of Education in Voisey since 2020.

Early Life, Education, and Family

Marcel Devilleneuve was born on 18 July 1972 in Saint-Florentin, Yonne. His parents, two Icaunais (from Yonne), brought him up with poetry and literature. His father was a professor of ancient languages and his mother was a writer in her spare time. At the age of 20, he entered the School of Letters in Clermont-Ferrand. Five years later, he decided to find a job. He then joined the Durand publishing house, where he worked for 8 years. He published his first book in 2001 on the farmers of his region, the Yonne. This book was published by Durand but only reached 1,600 sales in one year. He then decided to write a new book on the fauna and flora of the Yonne. In 2005, he published this book which quickly reached 25,000 sales in one month, then 50,000 in six months and soon 100,000 in one year. His other book reached 60,000 sales. Finally, he wrote a book on the local languages of the Yonne which was recommended by the prefecture of the department in its schools. He was thus spotted by the academics. Marcel gave an interview in 2010 in which he presented his work on the Yonne dialect. It is during this interview that he will be revealed to the general public. In 2012, he applied to the Voiseyian National Academy and was accepted. The academicians edit the annual dictionary of the voiseyian language. They assess whether a word can be included in the dictionary by looking at several criteria. In 2015, faced with the rise of some words from other countries, the academicians were faced with very close votes on the acceptance of these words. Marcel will strongly oppose the integration of these words. Since 2013, he has been teaching the Voisey's language at a university in Reims. In 2017, he left the academy and joined the political world in the UGC party. He regularly appears on television to debate on language issues etc... In 2020, he was chosen as Minister of Education by president Daniel Marangé.

Political Career

Marcel Devilleneuve's actual political career only began in 2017, when he left the Academy. His rapid rise in public esteem is one of the reasons why he was chosen by the president.

This graphic shows the evolution of the popularity rating of Marcel Devilleneuve since 2017.