Mesogeian Armed Forces

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Armed Forces of the Mesogeia
Foundedc. 8th century BC
Current form1835
Service branches
EmperorElena II
Grammateus for Military AffairsTBA
Chief of the Imperial Military StaffTBA
Military age16-17 with parental consent; 18 without and to serve in combat
ConscriptionNo, except in time of total war
Active personnel379,300 (not including paramilitary)
Reserve personnel500,000
Percent of GDP3%
Domestic suppliersTBA
Foreign suppliersLihnidos Lihnidos

Onekawa-Nukanoa Onekawa-Nukanoa

Velikoslavia Velikoslavia

The Mesogeian Armed Forces also known as Her Imperial Majesty's Armed Forces is the military organization for the defense and security of the provinces and territories comprisig the territorial intergrity of the Mesogeian empire. The Mesogeian armed forces is composed of some 379,300 active personnel along with an additional 500,000 in the reserve forces. The armed forces of Mesogeia consists of four branches: the Imperial Army, Imperial Navy, Imperial Air Force, and the Imperial Guards.

The commander in chief of the Mesogeian armed forces is the current sovereign, Elena II, to whom all active and reserve personnel swear allegeiance.


The military history of the Mesogeian empire dates back to the earliest days of the ancient Azagartian empire, which was a precursor to the later Mesogeian empire.

Organization and structure

Service Branches

The Imperial Army

The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Air Force

The Imperial Guard