Island of Minos, previously known as the condominium of Minos is an island under the sovereignty of Belfras, located to the west of Belfras and the State of Viridia. With a population of 12.4 million it is one of the most populous islands on the Victorian Ocean. Nos Deinden is its capital with a population of 1.2 million. There are two main ethnic groups living in Minos 55% is Belfrasian and Royalist, whilst 45% is Western and Republican. Religiously there are living around 51% Romulan Catholics, a religion predominantly adhered by Royalists, and 40% Protestants a religion predominantly adhered by Republicans. The other 9% is mostly Jewish and irreligious.

Post-civil war, Minos remained largely under military occupation of the Belfrasian Army, with large presence of the RIA to track down Citizenist war criminals after the war. This instigated tensions between the two main ethnic groups of the Island, as Republican leaders accused the Royalists of gerrymandering, whilst Royalists accused Republicans of collaboration with paramilitary forces such as the WRA. This period is largely referred to as Turmoil by Minosians. Recently the transfer of sovereignty to the Belfrasian Kingdom led to an uprising of similar proportions between the groups, and paramilitary activity on both sides is on the rise.