Modern Centre Party (Werania)

Modern Centre Party

Partei des Modernen Zentrums
LeaderEdmund Remarque
Anna Nehammer
FoundedAugust 13, 1972 (1972-08-13)
Youth wingModern Centre Future
Membership (2015)217,000
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre
Euclean Parliament groupEuclean Liberal Party
Colors         Blue, red
32 / 545
44 / 349
202 / 1,151
Euclean Parliament
12 / 122

The Modern Centre Party (Weranic: Partei des Modernen Zentrums) abbreviated to PMZ is a centre-right political party in Werania. It is currently in opposition having previously served as the junior partner in the coalition government with the social-democratic Social Democratic Radical Party (SRPO) from 2011 to 2015.

The Modern Centre Party was founded in 1972 following the student protests that year by a group of student activists and intellectuals who espoused a common programme of political reform. It contested the election as a loose electoral list named List of Democrats and Reformists. After a surprisingly good result in the 1972 elections it changed its name to the Modern Centre Party.

The founding document of the party established it as an upholder of the radical, liberal democratic tradition in Weranian politics. It advocated social and economic liberalisation alongside pro-Eucleanism in order to challenge the long held hegemony of the NKP and the left-wing parties. The party soon became the dominant pro-Eucleanist party but was locked out of government due to the dominance of the two-party system. It also became the main force of liberalism, attracting former NKP and left-wing politicians and voters disillusioned in their lack of affinity with the major parties.

Following the 1983 election the PMZ entered as a junior coalition partner of the first "purple" government of Ludolf Ostermann between SPRO and PMZ. The Ostermann government was noted internationally for its social and economic liberal policies with the PMZ being a strong force in the marketisation of the Weranic economy. The purple government was re-elected in 1987, 1991 and 1995. In 1999 the PMZ terminated the coalition with the SRPO after a perceived turn to the left by the other governing party.

The PMZ stayed in opposition from 1999 to 2011 when they formed another coalition as the junior partner with the SPRO. The coalition was re-elected in 2015 before both parties went into opposition in 2019 after securing historically poor results. The SRPO-PMZ government implemented several economically liberal reforms to deal with the 2000's Euclean financial crisis.

Modern Centre is often seen as a liberal party with the majority of its members both economic and social liberalism. The party was historically split between a "radical" faction that focused on political reform and a "liberal" faction who wished to position it as a centrist party. The party has since the 1990's been mostly seen as being controlled by the "liberal" faction, although divisions how hew along a more conventional left and right wing of the party who differ on the issue of economic reform. PMZ is considered the most pro-Euclean party in Werania being a member of the Euclean Liberal Party (ELP).


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