NRI Republic Air Force

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Novus Romanum Imperium Republic Air Force
Publica Vim Aeris
NRI Republic Air Force Seal.png
Seal of the Air Force
NRI Aircraft Roundel.png
Current formThe Republic Air Force
Service branchesAir Combat Command
Ocean Combat Command
Auxiliary Aircraft Command
HeadquartersAir Wing, Imperium Joint Defense Headquarters
Commander In ChiefGallus Paesentius Belletor
Minister of the Air ForceCaius Petillius Quintillus
Navy Chief of StaffTertius Rusonius Gelasius
Reaching military
age annually
Domestic suppliersRoman Aerospace Corp
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RanksRanks of the NRI Armed Forces

The NRI Republic Air Force was originally created to protect the New Roman Imperium from threats from the air and sea. The air forces are made up of many wings and has the responsibility of protecting the NRI near Terra Nostrum. The aircraft are primarily supplied by the major defense conglomerate Roman Aerospace Corp.

About the Republic Air Force


The Republic Air Force is primarily made up of multirole fighters and interceptors. The Republic Air Force also operates a wing of bombers that are armed with standoff missiles for anti-shipping operations.

Also in the catalogue of aircraft are transport aircraft whose primary missions are transporting urgently needed parts across Terra Nostrum, and providing humanitarian aide to foreign nations. There are also personnel transport aircraft for high level military and government officials. The Caesar's private jet, the Chariot, is also operated and maintained by the Republic Air Force.



The Republic Air Force trains its forces for air superiority and anti-shipping operations. The primary mission is to defend Terra Nostrum should external threats breach the naval forces of the Foreign Interest Defense Command. The Republic Air Force works closely with the Republic Navy's Territorial Water Defense Command, frequently holding joint service drills and readiness exercises.

The Republic Air Force does not put a lot of emphasis on air-to-ground operations. Though the pilots of wings under the Ocean Combat Command are introduced to this and must perform a successful air-to-ground attack to graduate the Ocean Combat Command specific training, it is not practiced frequently after graduation. This has led critics to claim that the Republic Air Force is sorely underprepared to support the Republic Army and Custodes Domicilium should the NRI be invaded. Proponents say that this doctrine emphasizes the ability to prevent threats from even reaching Terra Nostrum in the first place. If the Republic Navy and Air Force do their jobs properly, they will not need to provide close-air-support for ground forces.

Major Commands

Air Combat Command

The Air Combat Command is the major command of the Republic Air Force responsible for ensuring Roman Air Superiority in a conflict. It operates out of Terra Nostrum, and on the day-to-day, performs routine patrols over the EEZ and beyond. The aircraft are tasked with interception of any incoming aircraft that are not responsive or are not supposed to be there. They enforce air traffic laws over and around the NRI as well.

In combat, these fighters use a variety of air-to-air missiles to gain and maintain dominance in the air. While the Caesar, Praetor, and Vice-Caesar visit foreign nations, fighters of the Air Combat Command escort their aircraft.

Ocean Combat Command

The Ocean Combat Command is the major command responsible for protecting the NRI from sea invasion. The aircraft of this command perform air-to-surface operations with focus on anti-shipping. Day-to-day operations consist of Combat Air Patrols over the EEZ. This command works closely with the Republic Navy's Territorial Water Defense Command because they have similar objectives.

Auxiliary Aircraft Command

The Auxiliary Aircraft Command is the major command responsible for operating and maintaining all the aircraft that do not directly participate in combat. This includes, but is not limited to transport, refueling, and Airborne Early Warning aircraft.



NRI Air Force Working uniforms.png

The working uniform of the NRI Republic Air Force is a BDU cut uniform with a flecktarn camouflage pattern. This uniform is issued to both enlisted and officer personnel. The standard headwear that is issued to all personnel is a black garrison cap. Officers have the option to purchase a cap to wear in place of the garrison cap. Also worn with the uniform are black combat boots.


NRI Air Force Dress Uniforms.png

The Republic Air Force carries three dress uniforms: enlisted, officer, and flag officer. The enlisted uniform is a red tunic with gold shoulder boards and black cuffs. These are worn with straight black pants and English style riding boots. White gloves and a dress cap with enlisted sigil is also worn.

The officers wear a tunic of the same cut, except of black color with red cuffs and shoulder boards. The pants have a silver stripe running down the side. The flag officer uniform used the same tunic as the enlisted personnel, except that the cuffs have gold linage in the black. They also have gold striped, in place of the officer's silver, on the pant legs.


NRI Air Force Pilot Uniform.png

Pilots are issued an olive green flight suit that is worn with the standard issue garrison cap and combat boots. They also have the option to purchase and wear a black bomber jacket if the pilot desires.

Physical Training

All Republic Air Force personnel are issued the same physical training uniform. They are issued a silver t-shirt style top with "Air Force" emblazoned across the chest in black lettering. The pants are black shorts with "Air Force" in silver at the bottom of the left leg.


Air Force personnel are issued traditional style Roman armor as their ceremonial uniform. The undertunic is a dark blue, and officers' helmets with a galea of the same color as the tunics. Matching color scutum shields along with pilums and gladiuses are also issued.