Nakada Foundation

Nakada Memorial Foundation
  • Private Military
  • Humanitarian
  • Advanced Astro-Research
  • Intergalactic Relations
PredecessorsExecutive Space and Security
HeadquartersLauc System
Area served
Galactic Wide
Key people
  • Dell Boyce, President and CEO
  • Arita Nakada, Chairwoman
ProductsProviding military combat forces including personnel and equipment, law enforcement and training, logistics, medical services, humanitarian services, and astro-physics and medical research.
Revenue13.617 Trillion USD
Number of employees
~6 mil
  • Nakada Fleets
  • Nakada Relief Fund
  • Nakada Medical Group
  • Nakada Advanced Research Solutions
  • Nakada Civil Administration

The Nakada Memorial Foundation, or Nakada Foundation, is a private military corporation based in the Alpha Quadrant. The corporation is known for its moral obligation to only accept contracts they feel to benefit the common good. Often employed to remove crime rings, patrol trade lanes, take out rogue states/actors, or provide disaster relief the Nakada Foundation has an impeccable track record of being on the "right" side of many conflicts or situations. The Nakada foundation controls several systems spread throughout the galaxy where it is beneficial to base and provide support to their fleet of roaming ships. The Nakada Foundation also features a large science directorate which conducts numerous research projects.


Hiroi Nakada was the chief commander of Executive Space Security, a moderately sized private military corporation specializing in interstellar interdiction and anti-piracy operations. During a mission in the Delta quadrant Hiroi was engaged with a flight of pirate ships harassing a civilian transportation ship, and ultimately lost his life defending the craft before destroying all three ships. On board the transportation ship was multi-trillionare Yuliya Makariy who was so touched by the selfless sacrifice of Hiroi that on his death bed five years later, used his fortune to create the Nakada Memorial Foundation, an organization meant to embody the sacrifice and dedication to the greater good that Hiroi exhibited that day. Since then, the Nakada Foundation has expanded into the massive organization it is today, creating stability in the galaxy through any means it can.


Manpower of the Nakada Foundation comes from numerous species, worlds, nations, and parts of the galaxy. With the attraction of high paying careers, experience traveling all parts of the galaxy, and the motivation of working towards the greater good, many beings come to work or the Nakada

The NFS-ORLERRAH patrolling trade lanes in the Gamma Quadrant

Foundation from all walks of life. Those with experience already in their home nation's militaries or work forces or those who are just beginning their career come to the Nakada Foundation and bring what they have to the collective family of NUF.

Location and Holdings

File:Dylan cole 01.jpg
Threath Station in the Threath System

Part of being a galactic wide corporation and defense firm is being located in advantageous positions throughout the galaxy. To this end, the Nakada Foundation has several holdings throughout all quadrants of the galaxy to both give a presence to potential customers but also support its large fleet of ships and armies that execute contracts in the far corners of the cosmos. While no fully populated planets are among these holdings, the Nakada foundation does hold several space stations or planetary settlements that have small populations who live under the governance of Foundation executives and enjoy lawful and safe communities while enjoying closely protected freedoms. Some commerce also flows through these systems as the security of Nakada Star-Ports is well known and thus some companies an traders prefer to use its facilities to conduct their operations in a stable environment.

Lauc System

The Lauc system is located on the edge of the Alpha and Beta quadrant and is home to the headquarters of

Nakada Foundation Headquarters, Hirori Station, Lauc System

Subsidiaries and Departments