National Coalition for Independence

National Coalition for Independence

Nacionalinė Nepriklausomybės Koalicija
PresidentArvydas Ražauskas
Seimas leaderŽygimantas Navikas
Bundestag leaderArvydas Ražauskas
Founded8 June 1994
IdeologyRuttish separatism
Ruttish nationalism
Political positionSyncretic politics
European affiliationAlliance for a Federal and Regionalist Euclea
Colours             Yellow, white, red
Volkstag (Ruttish seats)
31 / 98
Herrstag (Ruttish seats)
3 / 42
32 / 125
Euclean Parliament
6 / 122

The National Coalition for Independence (Ruttish: Nacionalinė Nepriklausomybės Koalicija; Weranian: Nationale Koalition für Unabhängigkeit) is a political party in Ruttland, operating exclusively in the province. It is the primary supporter for Ruttish separatism from Werania supporting an independent Ruttland. Since the mid-2000's it has been one of the primary parties operating in the province alongside the Sotirian Democratic Homeland and the Social Democratic Radical Party.

The NNK was founded in 1994 by Arvydas Ražauskas, a former member of the SDT who opposed then Ruttish Minister-President's Mykolas Alminauskas neoliberal policies. It was initially named the National Coalition and was a more centrist outlet that pledged to break the duopoly of the SDT-SRPO in the province. However in 1998 the party officially adopted a separatist stance after absorbing the pro-independence Ruttish Socialist Union, renaming itself the National Coalition for Independence (NNK). The party quickly established itself as a big tent party with support from both disillusioned socialists and more conservative voters becoming one of the three major parties in Ruttland. A large amount of its appeal came from Ražauskas himself who was seen as a charismatic personality.

The NNK became the largest party in the Seimas in the 2008 election with Ražauskas becoming Minister-President and forming a minority government with support from the social democrats. However the government was unstable with Ražauskas's plans to hold a referendum on independence being opposed by the social democrats; a controversy over an accounting scandal led to the social democrats to withdraw support for the government in 2011 in favour of a SDT-led one, leading to the party to re-enter opposition benches. The NNK remained the second largest party at a provincial and federal level through from 2011 to 2019. They became the largest party in Ruttland on a federal level for the first time in 2019.

The NNK's main political priority is for the creation of a Ruttish Republic, As a big tent party they tend to have a wide range of political beliefs within it but generally are seen to be in favour of social democratic fiscal and green environmental policies combined with more socially conservative stances towards immigration and national identity. The party has attracted controversy for its alleged revisionist attitude towards the Great War-era Ruttish Republic and anti-Weranic rhetoric.