National Gladysynthian House of Representatives

National Gladysynthian House of Representatives
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  • House of Representatives
  • Senate
Seats143 voting members
  • 129 congressmen
  • 14 senators
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Meeting place
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Gladysynthian Parliament Building
Mönusÿnthys, Gladysynthia

The National Gladysynthian House of Representatives is a non-static, 129-member body of legislators whose main occupation is authoring, voting upon, and approving new legislation based on relevant cultural and political issues. The number of delegates each province has in the House depends on its population. Each province earns one representative for every five million citizens living inside its borders. Each delegate elected represents a smaller area of their province, not the entire province. Each province is broken up into several electoral districts whose borders are dependent upon the total population and population density of certain areas of the province. When elected, Representatives hold their position for a four-year term.

Representatives per Province

Province Number of Representatives
Pteranim 29
Zeramoa 24
Darapherma 20
Asa'aria 19
Paraminz'tra 14
Saphiria 11
Tetrazoa 12