Navarre Stock Exchange

Type Stock Exchange
Location Commerce, Navarre, The Freethinker Commonwealth
Founded April 7th, 1734
Owner Westland-Norris Group
Key People Arthur Brocklehurst (CEO)
Currency Mintel
No. of Listing 33,450
Market Capital Mt 108,125 trillion (Jan 2013)
Volume Mt 467,012 trillion
(USD $980,228 trillion)
Indexes NAMEX G150, NAMEX S250, NAMEX Alt
Employees 100,504

The 'Navarre Stock Exchange, a part of the Westland-Norris Group, is the primary stock exchange of Navarre, and the largest by value and trading activity in both the Freethinker Commonwealth and all of the Pax Midlonia. The exchange has a short scale market capitalisation of Mt 467,012 trillion (USD $980,228 trillion).


Primary markets

Issuer services help companies from around the world to join the London equity market in order to gain access to capital. The NSE allows company to raise money, increase their profile and obtain a market valuation through a variety of routes, thus following the firms throughout the whole IPO process.

The Navarre Stock Exchange runs several markets for listing, giving an opportunity for different sized companies to list. International companies can list a number of products in Navarre including shares, depositary receipts and debt, offering different and cost-effective ways to raise capital. In 2004 (SC) the Exchange opened a Swadlincote office and has attracted more than 200 companies from the Greater Kingdom.

For the biggest companies exists the Premium Listed Main Market. This operates a Super Equivalence method where conditions of both the Commonwealth's Listing Authority as well as Stock Exchange’s own criteria have to be met. IPOs on the Navarre Stock Exchange tend to run into hundreds of billions if not trillions of USD in value.

In terms of smaller SME’s the Stock Exchange operates the Alternative Market (AM) and the Hyperion Market (MH). For international companies that lack a representative subsidiary or legal base in the Commonwealth, it operates the Depository Receipt (DR) scheme as a way of listing and raising capital.

There are also two specialised markets:

Professional Securities Market This market facilitates the raising of capital through the issue of specialist debt securities or depositary receipts (DRs) to professional investors. The market operates under the status as a Recognised Investment Exchange.

Specialist Fund Market Is the Navarre Stock Exchange dedicated market, designed to accept more sophisticated fund vehicles, governance models and security. It is suitable only for institutional, professional and highly knowledgeable investors. The Specialist Fund Market is an EU Regulated Market and thus securities admitted to the market are eligible for most investor mandates providing a pool of liquidity for issuers admitted to the market

Securities Trading

The securities available for trading on the Navarre Stock Exchange are:

  • Ordinary Shares
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Exchange Traded Commodities
  • Covered Warrants
  • Structured Products
  • Bonds and Retail Bonds
  • Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs)

There are traded ont he various primary and secondary markets.

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