Republic of Nicersdah
Nicersdah Republic Flag.png
Motto: For the Nation, For the Gods
Anthem: President Lives
and largest city
Official languagesPresident's Nicersdahian, Nicersdahn Common
Recognised national languages
President's Nicersdahian, Nicersdahn Common, Anterian Common,
Ethnic groups
Nicersdahian 94.17%
Olotaeran 3.83%
Arcadian 1.08%
Vultesian 0.82%
GovernmentUnitary Democratic Council Republic
• Head Minister
Ralengal Benatrov (since 2021)
LegislatureNicersdahian National Council
• Establishment of the Nicersdahian State
• Establishment of the Republic of Nicersdah
• Total
1,199,000 sq mi (3,110,000 km2)
• 2023 estimate
• 2021 census
• Density
40/sq mi (15.4/km2)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
960 Billion ACU
• Per capita
~20,000 ACU
Gini (2021)Negative increase 41.1
HDI (2021)Increase 0.502
CurrencyGold (AUX)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+420
ISO 3166 codeNNC

The Republic of Nicersdah (2021-Today)

The Republic of Nicersdah existed between the 1920’s to till today and is a member of the Anterian World Assembly with its largest city and its capital being Corinamax.

The Republic of Nicersdah is classified as a Undeveloped and Run-away Capitalist Economy, with its largest economic sectors being mining, logging, business, and food.

The Republic of Nicersdah is a Unitary Democratic Council Republic with Head Minister Ralengal Benatrov as the Ruler from January 2021-now.

The Republic is almost completely ethnically Nicersdahn population.

The Republic has a total of 48,010,800 people.


In the 6000s BC the South Vultesian tribes were under attack by the Northern ones of the due to their adoption of their new religion. This caused their people to flee, starting the Great Nicersdahian Migration along the deserts line and down into what is now Nicersdah, squabbling with the Oloteers on the way, who would become their long time rivals.

Fast forward through 7k years of tribal squabbling, wars, and the redefining of what a Nicersdahian is from a Vultesian. The Olotaerans went through the same process as us during that time.

In 1011, the Nicersdahian tribes faced what is commonly known by surrounding nations the “Year of the Tall Wave” where many tsunamis hit that coast. Nicersdah got hit worse. The Rantay Tribe’s ruler President Usernav went down the coast and saved the people along it, uniting the Nicersdahian tribes and creating the State of Nicersdah.

For 200 years, Presidents would pick their successor, usually a guard of theirs. But in the mid 1200s President Calmuera the Weak died without picking a successor, starting the Bloody Decade. 5 different Presidents arised and war began. In the end, Corinamaxi man Deron the Red (known so for his brutality) won the most support, took over the land of the next largest, and started the Order of his Will.

The other three united creating the Nicersdahian Tricipate, with three Princeps. With the Olotaerans on their side, the war began. After 2 more wartorn years of constant fighting, the Battle of the Seven Hills ended with the Princeps of Nicersdah slain, the Olotaerans sent back defeated, and the beginning of the Red President’s reign.

In 1372 the Olotaeran-Nicersdahian Wars began with President Faebar wanting to expand Nicersdah and her people, starting the First Olotaeran-Nicersdahian War and the First War of Nicersdahian Aggression. Faebar the Reckless took 10,000 of Nicersdahs best men and marched in. At the Battle of Surrounded Blue (Nicersdah, Battle of Dead Invaders, Olotaera), the Olotaerans stealthily surrounded Nicersdahian encampments and commenced a slaughtering. The new President, Darn the Coward, assembled another army but refused to march, and the Treaty of Corinamax (1374) was signed.

From 1375-1408, 5 wars occured, each ending in stalemates, when finally President Ygor the Talker ended the 6th war and made permanent peace with Oloteers to last forever in 1408.

Fast forwarding to 1652, and the old tribe the Yermantians, who never really assimilated, declared independence with the Yer Council governing the area. A 20 year civil war was fought, in the end securing Yermantian independence at the cost of 30k Nicersdahians and Yermantians

Almost immediately after the war concluded, the King of Arcadia sent 300 ships with 200 men each, totaling 60,000 men, to Nicersdah. The President turned his forces around and put up a valiant fight with his remaining 25,000 men, but the Battle at High Tide ruined the Nicrsdahian Army and killed the President.

With the death of the President, and no chosen successor, there is usually a power struggle, and a civil war, with nothing unexpected or interesting. However this time President Ternuoi the Great was crowned as the lone surviving General from the battle and Yermantian War. Ternuoi took over the defense and instated a guerrilla war, causing enough Arcadian losses to force a retreat. Ternuoi was thereafter celebrated and was an overall successful peacetime president as well.

The Fifth Nicersdahian War of Aggression came in 1762 when Nicersdahs President Usernav XI the Strong brought 30,000 Nicersdahian soldiers into Yermantia. Usernav XI stormed through the nation and took it back after ~90 years of independence.

From then on until the 2000s the Presidents kept to themselves completely shut down, and they fell behind far. To illustrate this, President Kamiltraz tried to invade a desert tribe to Nicersdahs West. They outnumbered the tribe, but were severely behind them technologically, and they were crushed. The reason they weren’t attacked is because they gave no reason too, and were mostly isolated, along with Ygor’s treaty preventing a Olotaeran invasion.

This is not including the Great War, in which Arcadia once again invaded as part of the Iron Pact's attempt to spread their imperial empires. They came in 1905 and were kicked out by President Grexa the Great

Finally, in December 2020, the citizens decided enough was enough and formed the NNF, fighting a 2 month civil war against the President, who’s seat finally fell in late January, ending the 1000 year legacy of the President. So far, the NNC has mended ties with Olotaera, modernized fast, and started a mutually beneficial alliance with Vultesia.