North Vinalia

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Vinalian Peoples Republic

Народна Республіка Віналія
Narodna Respublika Vinaliya
Flag of North Vinalia
National Flag
"Єдність, сила та Віналія"
(tr.) "Yednistʹ, syla ta Vinaliya"
"Unity, Strength, and Vinalia"
Common languagesSoravian
State Atheism
GovernmentUnitary council republic
Minister-President of the Vinalian People's Council 
• 1930-1940
Mykyta Kryvonis (First)
• 1988-1992
Oleksandr Artemovych (Last)
LegislaturePeople's Council
Historical eraGreat Game
• Established
23 November 1930
• Disestablished
31 December 1992
CurrencyVinalian Zolota
Preceded by
Succeeded by
First Republic of Vinalia
United Republic of Vinalia

The People's Republic of Vinalia (Soravian: "Народна Республіка Віналія" ; "Narodna Respublika Vinaliya") was a one-party socialist state in Vinalia from 23 November 1930, when the Vinalian Section of the Workers International, declared the People's Republic and began the First Vinalian Civil War, until 31 December 1992, when the country unified with the Second Republic of Vinalia, establishing the Unified Republic of Vinalia, and becoming a constituent state of the new Republic.