Our Kooplieden Gold

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Our Kooplieden Gold

National anthem of Kooplieden
LyricsUnknown, 1725
MusicReginald Attensbury, 1803

Our Kooplieden Gold is the Kooplieden national anthem. The first known appearance of the lyrics were as an uncredited poem in the book Kooplieden Poems of Patriotism, published in 1725. They were first put to song in 1803 by composer Reginald Attensbury, and it was officially adopted as the national anthem in 1811.


The line "King himself" is changed to "Queen herself", depending on the current monarch.

Now countries from sea to sea may sing of colours true,
But who has better right than we to hoist a symbol hue;
For loyal men in battles fair since fighting days of old,
Have proved for all the world to see it's our Kooplieden Gold.

For years together by the sea, where lays our nation's pride,
As ships of battle sail away, and scatter far and wide;
Should they return with what they've earnt, their stories shall be told,
From trader to the King himself, it's our Kooplieden Gold.