Parliament of Sydalon

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Parliament of Sydalon

Parlament ta'Sydalon
527th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
National Assembly
Founded21 March 1919
(104 years ago)
Preceded byParliament
The Lord de Ondini
since 22 November2018
Elisabetta de Calvacamp, Franġiskani
since 3 December 2018
Seats557 Members
301 Lords
256 Assembly Members
Sydalene Chamber of Peers composition.svg
Peers political groups


  •   Lords Spiritual (27)
Sydalene National Assembly Party Composition 2020 election.svg
Assembly political groups
Assembly voting system
Mixed-member proportional representation
Assembly last election
November 2021

The Parliament of Sydalon is the national, bicameral legislature of the Kingdom of Sydalon, consisting of two chambers: Senate (upper house) and National Assembly (lower house).

The Parliament sits in two locations: Palis Autrecôté in Ostracine, and the Parliament House in Sydalon. Members of the Senate are appointed by ennoblement by the Monarch or inheritance of a hereditary seigneurie or peerage. Assembly members are popularly elected for three-year terms through direct election by party-list proportional representation or first past the post voting, though vacancies may be filled either by special election or appointment. The Monarch may call for early elections. The Parliament has 557 members across both houses, 301 Peers, and 256 Assembly Members.

Proposed 2018 constitutional amendments seek to require the Monarch to appoint the person most likely to hold the confidence of the National Assembly to serve as Chancellor. The Parliament cannot remove the Chancellor, but confirms the Monarch's appointee. The Parliament also holds the ability to enact constitutional reforms upon the approval of the Monarch and domain governments.