Percy Knowles

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Percy Knowles
Nickname(s)"Mule-tenant General"
Born(1884-04-12)April 12, 1884
DiedJuly 15, 1959(1959-07-15) (aged 75)
Battles/warsAnwnn Civil War

Percy Knowles (April 12, 1884 – July 15, 1959) was a lieutenant general in the Kooplieden Army who commanded the Kooplieden Monarchy Preservation Corps during the Anwnn Civil War until 1932.

While a skilled commander who understood the importance of combined arms warfare and demonstrated this in battles prior to the Anwnn Civil War, his inability to effectively combat the guerrilla tactics used against the KMPC and to utilise the naval superiority offered by the Kooplieden Navy's Crown Fleet would prolong the war and arguably cause the defeat of the Monarchist forces.