Pirate Party (CMHoC)

Pirate Party of Canada

Parti Pirate du Canada
LeaderMatthew Engarde
Deputy LeaderToby Evans
Party PresidentTerry Pinsworth
FoundedApril 3, 2020 (2020-04-03)
IdeologyPirate Politics
Civil Libertarianism
Participatory Democracy
Political positionSyncretic
Purple, Black, White
SloganEvidence Based Policy Making
National AffiliationGreen-Pirate Alliance
House of Commons
16 / 338

The Pirate Party of Canada (PRT; French: Parti Pirate du Canada, PRT) is a syncretic federal political party in Canada. The party was formed in 2020, ahead of the 6th General Election, on a platform of pirate politics, civil libertarianism and participatory democracy.

Founding and Development

In April 2020, The Pirate Party was founded by Matthew Engarde, Terry Pinsworth and Toby Evans to compete in the upcoming General Election, each taking a role in the founding and development of the party in preparation for said General Election.

Matthew Engarde was voted as the first leader with Toby Evans as deputy leader and Terry Pinsworth as party president in the first set of leadership elections post formation. On April 3, 2020 the first Constitution of the Pirate Party of Canada was ratified, followed by the 6th General Election platform on the April 6, 2020 as required by Elections Canada to register as a political party and to run in the General Election.

Party Governance

The Pirate Party is governed by a leadership triumvirate made up of the leader, deputy leader and party president, each nominated and elected by the party membership. As of writing the current leadership triumvirate is made up of Matthew Engarde, Terry Pinsworth and Toby Evans.

Leadership Triumvirate

Name Elected To Leadership Position
Matthew Engarde April 3, 2020 Leader
Toby Evans April 3, 2020 Deputy Leader
Terry Pinsworth April 3, 2020 President

Election History

Election Leader Seats +/– Votes % Rank Status/Gov.
6th General Election Matthew Engarde
16 / 338
Increase 16 1,490,635 8.42% 3rd Other Opposition