Popular Assembly

Popular Assembly

Senblèa Popolà
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Lower house
Seatsapprox. 900,000
(Citizens aged 21 and older)
Political groups

The Popular Assembly (Montecaran: Senblèa Popolà) is the lower house of the legislature of Montecara. Unlike almost all other nations, Montecara is governed mainly as a direct democracy and technically has no elected officials. Instead, every citizen aged 21 and older is a member of the legislature, which is responsible for passing all laws, ratifying all treaties, and appointing all government officials. This arrangement results in Montecara, one of the smallest states in the world by population, having by far the largest legislature, with approximately 900,000 members.

The name "Popular Assembly" originates in the practice of citizens assembling in person to propose and pass laws, a long-standing tradition in Montecara.


Constitutionally, the Assembly is called into being by the Gonfalonièr. There are traditionally three Assemblies per year: one during the week after Annunciation on 25 March, one the week after the Assumption of Mary on 15 August, and one the week after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8 December. Extraordinary sessions may be called in limited circumstances, most notably on the request of the Colegio and Senate with the agreement of the Gonfalonièr.

In modern times, the sessions are the five-day open period for voters to receive and return their ballots. A typical Assembly might see citizens voting on twenty to fifty proposed laws, electing a half dozen officials, and perhaps deciding whether to ratify a treaty.

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