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Astraleaux is a cooperative worldbuilding project set in a fractured strangereal world with an emphasis on creating interesting and unique aerospace events.

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The national flag of Ilbon.

Ilbon (Ilbonese:イルボン, Ielbon or Irubon, officially known as the Empire of Ilbon, and formally Irubonkoku) is an island nation located south of Agleia. It is situated to the south of Agleia and to the north of Sorenwey. Ilbon has no natural land borders, and therefore does not have any neighboring states on its borders, aside from Ueshima, to which it shares a small land border on Eushima's southern coast. Due to its nature as an island nation, Ilbon is surrounded on all sides by smaller island chains, with there being nearly 4,000 smaller islands surrounding the nation on all sides. The nation possesses many smaller city-states across the coasts of Sorenwey and Agleia, it also claims parts of north-western Sorenway and smaller areas of southern Kardia. Oikage is the nation's largest city and capitol, followed by Osaga, Kokasa, Mie, Niinoshima, and Ar.

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