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Saurth is a discord-based nation roleplaying forum set in a modern but alternate world featuring custom continents, cultures, nations, and people.

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Placeholderea, officially the Republic of Placeholderea, is a landlocked country in Southern Generica, between the Grey and Gray Rivers, bordered by South Placeholderea to the south, Sothwest Placeholderea to the south-west, North Placeholderea to the north, and East Placeholderea to the east. The capital and largest city is New Cityburg, and the second largest is San Urbana. A country of roughly 15 million people, Placeholderea's largest and dominant ethnic group are the Placeans, who make up 82% of the population, followed by the Holderans and other smaller minorities. Placeholderea has 16 official languages, with bri'ish speek, Placean, and Holderan being the most common.
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