President of Kuresa

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President of Kuresa
Volodymyr Zelensky Official portrait.jpg
Budai Szilveszter

since 20 May 2018
Term length5 years (Eligible for 2 terms)

The President of Kuresa is the head of state and chief executive the country of Kuresa, as well as the commander in chief of the Kuresan Armed Forces during wartime. The current President is Budai Szilveszter, who was elected in 2018.

History of the Office


List of Presidents

Number Name Years in Office Party
1 Paulius Jasas 1923-28 Social Democratic Party
2 Kazimieras Stramaitis 1928-33 Conservative Party
3 Vejas Deleckis 1933-38 New Day Party
4 Marijus Milinskas 1938-43 Social Democratic Party
5 Baltrus Svotelis 1943-48 Conservative Party
6 Povilas Liberis 1948-53 Conservative Party
7 Modestas Nugaras 1953-58 Conservative Party
8 Edvinas Sova 1958-63 Social Democratic Party
9 Vaidas Birstonas 1963-73 Conservative Party
10 Karolis Maceikis 1973-78 National Party
11 Albertas Svitojus 1978-88 Social Democratic Party
12 Ipolitas Zuselis 1988-98 Conservative Party
13 Emilis Repcys 1998-2008 Social Democratic Party
14 Gytis Milinis 2008-13 Conservative Party
15 Petro Cahenko 2013-18 Social Democratic Party
16 Budai Szilveszter 2018-present Independent

Official Residence