Prime Minister of Loulan

Prime Minister of Loulan
Krorainentse Parve Spaktānike
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State Emblem of Loulan
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Bhadra Kolite

since 20 March 2019
StyleMr./Mrs. Prime Minister (informal)
AppointerThe president
Term lengthNo term limits.
General elections are held every two years. The prime minister is by convention the leader of the party with majority support in parliament.

The Prime Minister of Loulan (Loulanese: Krorainentse Parve Spaktānike, Brahmic script: ཀྲོ་རཡྣ་འེན་ཙེ་པར་ཝེ་སྤཀ་ཏཱ་ནི་ཀེ་; Chinese: 樓蘭國首相 lóulánguó shǒuxiàng) is the head of government of Loulan and the most powerful individual in Loulanese politics. The Prime Minister and Cabinet are collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the president, to the parliament, and ultimately to the electorate. In practice, since it is nearly impossible for a government to stay in office against the will of the parliament, the prime minister is primarily answerable to the parliament. They are almost always the leader of the majority party in the parliament, or the leader of the senior partner in the governing coalition.

Loulan has a constitution, which was adopted on 4 January 1993. The prime minister has few statutory powers, but provided they can command the support of their party, they can control both the legislature and the executive and thence would wield consoderable de facto powers. As of 2019, the Prime Minister of Loulan is Bhadra Kolite of the Progressive Democratic Party.

Unlike their counterparts in many European nations, Loulanese prime ministers do not have the option of advising the president to dissolve the parliament and call a snap election. The constitution requires that the parliament serve out its full two-year term. If the prime minister loses the confidence of the parliament, they must resign.