Princess Lorîn Hazarasp

Autokrateira Mother
Autokrateira of Tarsas
Tenure1 July 1980 – 8 May 2001
Born (1955-01-15) 15 January 1955 (age 65)
Veros, Odolargia, Ghant
Marcus II of Tarsas
(m. 1977; died 2001)
Full name
FatherJorin, Crown Prince of Iotopha
MotherPrincess Alaia of Ghant

Princess Lorîn Hazaraspid (Iotophan: Լորîն Դիլարե; b 15 January 1955) is a member of the Tarsan imperial family who served as Autokrateira of Tarsas during the reign of her husband Autokrator Marcus II, from 1980 until 2001. Lorîn is the youngest child of Jorin, Crown Prince of Iotopha and his wife Princess Alaia of Ghant. She was born in exile due to the 1920 Iotophan revolution, and abolition of the Iotophan throne. She spent much of her childhood in Ghant, where she was raised by her parents, alongside her siblings, and was briefly under the care of her cousin Emperor Michael I of Ghant. Receiving no formal education, Lorîn primarily remained in Ghant through her early adulthood, until she began a correspondence with her future husband Autokrator Marcus II of Tarsas. She married Autokrator Marcus II on 1 July 1977 with whom she had seven children: Romulus, Cassus, Nikephoros, Sergius, Julia, Henrietta, and Titus.

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