Priscilla May

Priscilla May
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Priscilla May Victorine

Calder System, Achesian Intercosmic Bastion
  • Pilot
  • Mechanic

For the young girl that Priscilla is, she has traveled around many areas of the frontier that those twice her age have not been to. A runaway early on in life she has gone from a stow away, to ships hand, to apprentice pilot all before she turns 20.


A short petite girl that looks out of place in her typical working jacket and boots. Many would say she got lost on her way to the dress shop and fell into a grungy cargo bay and never left. She has vibrant blonde hair and blue eyes, but often the former is muddied by grease or hidden under a flight cap depending on which of her passions she is exercising. She stands at about 5’2”, looking up to most around her, though she often attributes her small stature to being able to fit in most mechanical conduits others cannot.


Strong personality with high confidence in her abilities, Priscilla is often underestimated because of her small stature and feminine nature by those in the trade. However, having much experience being underestimated she has a knack for surprising those who doubt her with an equally astute and devious mind.


"A hard head makes a soft ass" is an idiom that certainly was written about Priss. Often too headstrong for her own good, she does not usually think of the consequences of her bullheaded statements or actions. When faced with a situation that she herself created with such heedless actions, she has little recourse but to either run or continue to make smart remarks that worsen her situation. Beyond this bawdy nature, she has large trust issues resulting from many years in the depths of space wandering as a lone small girl. And by trust issues, it does not mean she does not trust. Rather Priscilla has a habit of trusting the wrong people, particularly those who are masters of the silver tongue. Priscilla is an immature girl with little right or skill to make it on her own. But from one pile of chaos to another her luck has held true and she has survived.

Priss fears being alone. Yet the nature of her isolation is in question in her own mind. Often the company of a few bar rats on a distant planet is enough to quench her thirst. Other times when she has been through rough experiences she wishes she had someone to truly trust.

Likes and Dislikes

Getting her hands dirty on a constant basis is a major thrill for Priscilla, often taking things apart she should have no business touching just to get a sense of what makes them tick. It also has been a big dream of Priss' to learn how to pilot a space craft, however her endeavors to do so have not all come out clean previously. She still takes up tutelage under pilots when she can seduce, convince, or craft her way into their good graces.

Priscilla is no stranger to the darker depths of the endless mass of space. She has been to many systems in which bad company was plenty, therefor experience has taught her an intense dislike of anything that a small girl would deem sketchy. This mistrust of things based off of first impressions often leads her down the wrong path, as those who would do hard often do not look the part. Priscilla also hates being underestimated in her piloting or mechanic work, though she encounters this on the daily and works to get around such prejudices of what she views her quality product.

Life and Career

Starting out on a ship known as the Ravager she stowed away during one of its cargo missions between colonies only to be discovered by the crew and put to work in the store rooms. Under shackle she accomplishing various undesirable tasks that most of the crew would balk at. As she spent time on the ship and gained respect of one of its mechanics, she was able to pick up few skills in ships repair and maintenance until she was finally set free by the good will of the freighter's captain.

Fresh from that harrowing experience on the Ravager, she was able to get hired on to several subsequent freighters until she weaseled her way into the good graces of a ships pilots named Vax. Vax at first was reluctant to teach but Priscilla was able to persuade him, an art she was steadily gaining experience with. On Vax's ship he taught her the basics of ship's flight as they cruised the frontier, and from that point she was hooked on the rush that was blasting through the cosmos. Priscilla made sure to find every opportunity she could to pilot a freighter and learn more about the envied trade of space pilot.

After some time serving on freighters between distant worlds, Priscilla yearned to pilot her own ship, deciding that the orbital shuttle business was her easiest start. To do so however would require enough money, which she had little of. Unable to fulfill her dream, she turned to her feminine qualities becoming a dancer at a backwater dive club known as the "Twin Stars" in a distant spaceport of the frontier. There Priscilla managed to stomach seedy patrons by using her physique in ways she did not imagine herself ever doing while cash flowed into her pockets. She remained as a dancer for long enough to work up money to purchase a shuttle for herself, where she happily put that job behind her.

From there she began a service for surface to orbital station travel, both passengers and cargo. This is where she earned the affectionate nickname of "Prissy" for her rough attitude and often jaded edges of her personality. Though the nickname was earned, Priscilla fought hard to gain respect as a young female pilot and often went through arduous lengths to advance herself amongst her shuttle flying peers. Eventually living planet side became a drag to the young girl who still had a dream of traveling the free space, and shuttles were just not built to go deep enough for her.

Preferred Equipment

An assortment of working uniforms a-typical from what a girl of her stature would thought to be seen in, various jump suits and thick mechanical coats that allow her to perform her job as a mechanic and pilot. Priscilla also carries on her thigh a .44 G-Type Hybrid Revolver with High Impact Energy Aided rounds as a sort of "don't eff with me" side piece. Often in various establishments it could be overheard warnings between companions saying "don't eff with her, she'll blow your head off" in hushed tones. Knowing this Priscilla displays this piece depending on whether she wants to be approached at any given time. Priscilla often also sports a small wrist worn computer system that grants her access to the inter cosmic web and allows for some communication outside of the ship's systems.