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ProtoTimeline is an alternate history series creted by Channel 101 Productions.


In a world where much has changed, where islands are resurfaced, where different decisions have been made, where technology has advanced at a faster rate, and where many who never had the chance to impact the world have done so, it will be those people's choices that determine the future direction and the fates of those around them. This is the world of ProtoTimline

Nations of Focus

United States of Atlantica

The United States of Atlantica is the world's sole superpower

People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China

Russian Federation

From the ashes of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation seeks to revive it's old strong. Though they seem to be failing on that front.

European Community

Republic of Hindustan

Empire of Brazil

International organizations and alliaces

U.S. states

Historical Nations

Historical Events


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