Rallis Group

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The Rallis Group is a multinational Mesogeian diversified conglomerate operating in a variety of industries. Originally founded in 1801, as a trading firm, the company incorporated in 1851. The company eventually branched out into various other branches growing into one of the largest companies in the world.

Rallis is the largest company in Mesogeia by revenue, as well as the largest private employer in the country. The company has been listed on the Alexandropolis Stock Exchange since 1852, but remains largely a family-owned business with the extended Rallis family holding the most senior positions.


Business Operations

The Rallis Group is made up of about 25 individuals companies all under the Rallis umbrella. These companies include: the Rallis Corporation, Rallis Heavy Industries, Rallis Bank, Rallis Oil, Rallis Glass Company, Rallis Beverages, Rallis Chemicals, Rallis Electric, Rallis Materials, Rallis Life Insurance, Rallis Shipping, Rallis Properties, Rallis Biotech, Rallis Retail, Rallis Communications, Rallis Steel, Rallis Aluminum, Rallis Logistics, Rallis Motors, Rallis Pharmaceuticals, Rallis Publishing, Rallis Foods, Rallis Paper & Pulp, Rallis Electronics, and the Rallis Research Institute.