Riro (mythological figure)

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Statue of Riro in Kusef, Txotai
TextsBook of Gods
Personal information
Highest point in the Land of Txotai (actual location disputed)
ChildrenLutzi and Katelan

Riro (Риро, 夕郎) is a Namorese mythological figure who is best known for leading over a thousand Nozamites out of the fallen kingdom of Nozama and into the promised land of Txotai. He is traditionally regarded as an ancestor of the Riroites.


According to the Book of Gods, Riro was the youngest brother of Movang, the 19th-generation ruler of Nozama. Not so long after his birth, the Nan peoples invaded Nozama, killing Movang and other members of the royal family. Riro escaped Nozama, bringing 1,260 people with him.

Though he had left Nozama, Riro's future seemed bleak; there was no place he knew that was hospitable enough to shelter him, and his lack of children spurred fears that the dynasty started by Nushen would come to an end. Riro's followers, going for days without adequate food or water, threatened to rebel.

One night, a young girl entered Riro's tent and introduced herself as a widow whose spouse and sons were killed in the fall of Nozama. She asked Riro to sleep with her, and Riro agreed, out of a sense of compassion. After the two had sex, the young girl immediately gave birth to two sons, Lutzi and Katelan, before revealing her true form as the goddess Ninshen. Ninshen introduced Riro to the promised land of Txotai, which she described as a paradise where "all four surroundings are at peace." In turn for Riro sleeping with her, Ninshen offered to take Riro to Txotai, where his descendants would live and build a thriving nation. She also offered residence in Txotai to those among his followers who worshipped her.

Riro and his followers experienced one tribulation per year; over time, the number of followers dwindled as those who disbelieved in Ninshen perished in the tribulations, whereas those who kept their faith were always rescued. The journey lasted 35 years before Riro crossed the Northern Sea and arrived at Txotai.

To commemorate the end of the journey, Riro built a temple for Ninshen and declared every 35 years to be a Year of Great Peace, a holy year when slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and enemies would cease fighting. He divided Txotai between Lutzi and Katelan.

Riro died after performing a ritual on the highest peak in Txotai.

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