Riysian Arab Republic

جمهورية العربي ألفاشية الريسي (Arabic)
Coat of arms
Motto: One Unified Nation, For Eternity
Anthem: Humat ad-Diyar
"Guardians of the Homeland"
Link to Anthem (with Lyrics)
CapitalTel ar-Riyah
Recognised national languagesArabic, English, French
Ethnic groups
98.6% Levantine Arab (primarily Syrian and Palestinian), 1.4% Other
GovernmentUnitary Arab republic
• 2013 estimate
CurrencyRiysian Lira (£L) (RL)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+703
ISO 3166 codeRIY

Riysa, formally known as the Riysian Arab Republic (Arabic: جمهورية العربي الريسي ) is a large country situated on the continent of the same name. It occupies the entire Riysian continent and its associated islands, and shares no borders with any other country. It has a population of around 93.9 million according to the 2013 census.

The Riysian people and country have had a long and proud history, with evidence of civilized settlement going back at least to Abrahamic times, if not earlier. However, the country in its modern form did not arise until the Unification War, when the many constituents that would make up the country were officially united in 1973.



Modern Day





Demographics and Culture

Armed Forces

Riysian soldiers being transported to warzones.

Riysa has had a long and proud military tradition, which is carried into the modern day by the Riysian Armed Forces. The Riysian Armed Forces is the joint military forces of Riysa, consisting of the Joint Ground Forces, Navy, and Air Force, with the Riysian High Command providing a unified top-level command structure.

Service in the Armed Forces is compulsory for all males at the age of 18, and lasting at least two years. The Armed Forces is known to have a lot of political clout, with the vast majority of government officials having served in the military as commissioned officers. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, a large portion of the country's resources and industry is in some way related to military service, making the Armed Forces nearly a part of everyday life.