Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Navy

Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Navy
Te Taua Moana Roera o Onekawa-Nukanoa
Active1896 - Present
CountryNgāti Onekawa-Nukanoa
AllegianceRoyal Onekawa-Nukanoa Armed Forces/Te Ope Manuka Roera o Onekawa-Nukanoa
Size37,000 (active) 5,000 (reserve)
EngagementsOnekawan War for Independence
Onekawan Civil War of 1925
First Monsoon War
Second Monsoon War

The Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Navy (Onekawan: Te Taua Moana Roera o Onekawa-Nukanoa) is the naval force of Ngāti Onekawa-Nukanoa and is the armed branch of the Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Armed Forces (Onekawan: Te Ope Manuka Roera o Onekawa-Nukanoa) primarily responsible for maritime military operations. It currently has 37,000 active military personnel, with an additional 5,000 personnel as members of the naval reserve and also employs 1,700 civilians. It is primarily tasked with protecting the interests and sovereignty of Ngāti Onekawa-Nukanoa at sea. Their are currently 84 vessels in service, encompassing the the full spectrum of ships from aircraft carriers to patrol craft.



The Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa professional head is the Chief of the Navy (Onekawa-Nukanoa) (Onekawan: Rangitira Taua Moana), whose authority is derived from the Māori Kīngi Tama III Nukanoa in his role as Paramount Chief of Battle (Onekawan: Ariki Putakari). This individual is responsible for the training, development and sustainment of the naval forces of Ngāti Onekawa-Nukanoa with the budget and aims provided by the All-Council (Onekawan: Rūnanga Māori).

The Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Navy has two primary commands that report to the Chief of the Navy (Onekawa-Nukanoa); Fleet Command and Naval Support Command. Fleet Command is the primary operational command for the Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Navy, and includes training and maintaince of ships, aircraft, personnel and other assigned assets. Naval Support Command is responsible for guiding the overall strategic direction of the navy, guide developmental projects and doctrinal developments alongside other administrative duties to help ensure that Fleet Command can perform its role as effectively as possible.


Carriers and amphibious assault ships

Class Type Displacement Note
Rangatira Class Fleet Carrier (CVF) 66,000 tonnes 2 active
Tohoraha Class Fleet Carrier (CVF) 45,000 tonnes 1 retired, 1 scrapped
Ngatotara Class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) 27,500 tonnes 2 active; based on  Lihnidos design

Major Surface Combatants

Class Type Displacement Note
Hautoa Class Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) 9,000 tonnes 5 active
Tāmure Class Guided Missile Frigate (FFG) 3,600 tonnes 8 active, 8 retired
Kekono Class Guided Missile Frigate (FFG) 6,900 tonnes 8 active, 7 under construction

Secondary Surface Combatants and Patrol Vessels

Class Type Displacement Note
Tutaekuri Class Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) 1,640 tonnes 3 active, 12 under construction
Mohaka Class Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) 1,900 tonnes 13 active, 4 retired
Roitoiti Class Inshore Patrol Vessel (IPV) 340 tonnes 8 active

Supply and Replenishment Ships

Class Type Displacement Note
Tahimaunga Class Fast Fleet Tanker 31,500 tonnes 5 active
Toru Kakariki Class Heavy Sealift Ship 16,160 tonnes 2 active
Rimu Class Roll-on/roll-off Sealift Ship 23,000 tonnes 6 active


Class Type Displacement Note
Tamawhiro Class Nuclear Attack Submarine (SSN) 7,300 tonnes 7 active
Kēhua Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine (SSN) 3,100 tonnes 7 active

Rotary Aircraft

Name Image Origin Type/Variants Number in Service Details
Urupuhau MH.2 ARMEE DE TERRE 14 JUILLET 2018 (41597919840).jpg  Onekawa-Nukanoa Multirole helicopter Standard service naval multirole helicopter
Rorohū HH.5 CH-53K King Stallion helicopter at the 2018 Berlin Air Show.jpg  Onekawa-Nukanoa Heavy transport multirole helicopter Standard service heavy-lift naval helicopter.
Ngarongaro LH.7 SH-2G(I) Sea Sprite during RIMPAC 2016.jpg  Onekawa-Nukanoa Light multirole helicopter Standard service light naval multirole helicopter.

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Name Image Origin Type/Variants Number in Service Details
Fixed Wing Aircraft
Karurangi AEW.4 Charles De Gaulle PascalSubtil 10.jpg  Belfras Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft 11 Standard service airborne early warning & control aicraft
Haumātakataka FSR.1 Supcyc12.png  Onekawa-Nukanoa Heavy multirole fighter 56 Standard service fighter.
Karearea FSR.1 Hurricane.png  Arthurista/ Belfras/ Latium/ Onekawa-Nukanoa Multirole stealth fighter 21 Standard service stealth fighter.