Sacred Council (Mesogeia)

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Her Imperial Majesty's Sacred Grand Council, commonly known as the State Council of Mesogeia or simply the Inner Council is a one of the senior most advisory bodies in Mesogeia. Its membership has varied over the years, but is typically composed of the senior government officials. The Vak'anevis, acting as President of the Council, alongside the other Great Officers of the Empire, like the Megas Chilliarch, Megas Stratelates, Megas Divanbegi, Megas Darigansalar, Isik Aqasi-basi, Megas Archideatros, Megas Dioiketes, Megas Oikonomos, Megas Grammateus, Wuzurg Framadar, Megas Navbed, Megas Ispahsalar; Megas Stratopedarches, and the Mirakor bashi all have a right to sit in on the Council's meetings.

Besides the nine seats reserved for the Great Officers of the empire, the emperor is free to fill the remaining 100+ seats with his appointees, usually senators, high court officials, and members of the Synedreion, holding the dignity of Vir Illustris and up.

The Imperial Grand Council is responsible for advising the Emperor on the exercising of the Imperial prerogatives; in addition to the issuing of the Prostagma, imperial decrees, and the granting of Chrysobulls, Imperial Charters. Besides these powers, the majority of the Sacred Council's powers have largely been absorbed by its committee, known as the Cabinet of Mesogeia.



The Sacred Grand Council is composed of the Emperor, the Great officers of the empire, and a hundred other members known collectively as the Comites consistoriani of His Celestial Majesty's Most Illustrious Sacred Council. The presiding officer of the Sacred Council, Grand Magister is the highest Great Officer of the empire.

In addition to the great officers of the empire, the Council is composed of senior politicians, high court officials, high clergymen, high-ranking civil servants, senior members of the largest political parties, and members of the Imperial Family, usually the Despot, Sebastokrator, and the Imperial Consort.

The members of the council, are typically appointed by the sovereign at the advice of the Imperial Mesazon There is no set limit to the number of members of the council, but the number has in recent years risen to several hundred with the number around 500 members. Despite the large number of members, the monthly meetings are usually composed of just a hundred members, usually the most senior members.


Meetings of the Sacred Council are typically held once a month wherever the sovereign may be in residence at the time of the meeting. The minimum number of members needed to hold a meeting of the Sacred Council is five.