Saleb Resis

Saleb Resis
Saleb Resis (Tancred of Antioch, cropped).jpg
BornMeqn, Azmir
AllegianceKnights of Saint Misrav
RankOrder Master
Battles/warsAzmiri Crusade

Saleb Resis (c. 1255-1319) was a knight of the Misravic Order and was the Order Master in Azmir from 1288 to 1314. After the Fall of Tyarz in 1301, he initiated the Azmiri Crusade in an attempt to retake the city, which had been the largest Misravic stronghold and the most powerful citadel in the Ethlorek lands.

Early life

Resis was born to Karm and Zuzha Resis in Meqn, the centre of the Siresian Order's mission to Azmir and the largest Cadenzan settlement in Azmir, in about 1255. While his mother had been born in Cadenza to a Catholic family, Resis' Azmir-born, ethnic Cadenzan father Karm was a convert to the religion, having been a member of the popular Ryioian cult until his baptism in 1253. Much of Resis' early life was spent travelling between towns in the narrow belt of land that was Christian Azmir; his father had inherited a caravan business, one of several in the territory, and had an exclusive contract to deliver sacramental bread to Christian communities in several towns, including Marzisa.