Union of Satucin

Union des Satucins
Flag of Satucin
Coat of arms
Motto: Vrai jusqu'à la fin
and largest city
Official languagesGaullican
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Théodore I
• Premier
Martin Allaire
LegislatureSénat de l'Union
Chambre des Pairs
Chambre des Délégués
• Colony Established
• Unification
• Monarchy Restored
• 2020 census
GDP (PPP)2018 estimate
• Total
$2.683 trillion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
$1.690 trillion
• Per capita
CurrencySatucine Ducat (₫) (SND)
Date formatdd-mm-yy
Driving sideright

Satucin, officially the Union of the Satucins (Gaullican; Union des Satucins), though more commonly known as the Union of Satucin (Gaullican; Union de Satucin), is a sovereign country located in northern Asteria Inferior. Satucin is bordered by Aucuria to her west, and Belmonte and Zaralaja to the south-west and south respectively, and has a maritime border with Marirana. The population of the country are largely concentrated in urban centres in the northern coasts and islands, with it being more rural and sparsely populated further inland. It is a federal parliamentary monarchy with the capital in Gatôn, the country's largest city and main economic hub and cultural and commercial centre.



<imgur thumb="yes" w="250" comment="Colonisation and unification of Satucin from 1549 to 1946">Pku68bH.gif</imgur>

Pre-Avenard era

-Talk about various groups, pre-Marai set-up
-Marai civilisation, uniqueness, golden-age of city-states
-Marai civilisation dark age, collapses overseas
-!Mapuche begin moving into eastern plain

Gaullican colonisation

Representation of the landing of Pierre Avenard in Anneville, 1539.

The land now called Satucin was claimed for the Gaullican Empire on 24 June 1539, with the arrival of the Gaullican fleet commanded by Pierre Avenard. The Gaullicans encountered indigenous peoples divided into several tribes, most of whom spoke languages of the Ngu family, and fought among themselves. Though the first settlement was founded in 1539, colonization effectively began in 1541, when King Francois I of Gaullica divided the territory into the six Viceroyalties of Satucin.

However, the decentralized, antagonistic and unorganized tendencies of the various viceroyalties proved problematic, and in 1552 the Gaullican king restructured them into the Viceroyalty General of Satucin, a single and centralized Gaullican colony in Asteria Inferior. This would later be reversed by his successor, King Louis IV in 1583, though the Viceroy-General would remain a position, albeit powerless and centred in Gaullica, until 1846.


Great War

Post-Great War (1935-1990)

Bastien Firmin was considered the leader of the civils rights movement of the 50s and 60s
Satucine premier Basile Delecour signing the proposed 3rd constitutional amendment to make Catholicism Satucin's state religion

Contemporary period


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Foreign Relations and Military

Administrative Divisions

Arms Province Population Governor-General
(gouverneur général)
Chief Minister
(ministre en chef)
Governing party Location
COA of Allier département (Levasseur Atlas).svg Anniane 37,440,000 Mickaël Delon Thibaut Du Toit National Unity Party
Blason famille Hiernaux.svg Tembira 6,240,000 Maxime Demaret Justin Manaudou Democratic Alliance
COA of Tarn-et-Garonne département (Levasseur Atlas).svg Chloéterre 8,736,000 Cyrille Laffitte Tristan Garreau Partie d'Action
Emeraude.png Îles Émeraude 3,120,000 Michel Bellegarde Xavier Delon Democratic Alliance
Coat of arms of the medieval commune of Terni (in first half of 13th century).png Rumelle-Tende 3,744,000 Arnaud Brunet Fernand Bruneau Freedom and Liberty
COA of Loire département (Levasseur Atlas).svg Nouveau Sessonis 14,352,000 Raymond De Verley Constantin Béliveau Democratic Alliance
COA of Bouches-du-Rhône département (Levasseur Atlas).svg Satau 16,224,000 Dominique Chapuis Éric Lazard National Unity Party
COA of Allier département (Traversier Armorial).svg Saufac 4,368,000 Patrice Ménard Phil Boissieu National Unity Party
Sythes.png Sythes 2,496,000 Maël Courtial Simone Beauregard Radical Democrats
Pasau.png Pasau 17,472,000 Gaby Galopin Zacharie Garnier Partie d'Action
Parane.png Parane 10,608,000 Richard Gauthier Égide Baschet National Unity Party


<imgur thumb="yes" w="250" comment="Population density of Satucinais municipalities.">FU7Xt4v.png</imgur>

Ethnic Groups








Media and communication


Components and energy