Second Russian Civil War Memorial

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Russian War Memorial of Fallen Patriots
Entrance to the memorial.
General information
Town or citySalavat
CountryFederation of Russian People
Construction startedAugust 14, 1944
CompletedMay 16, 1946
ClientFAF Home Guard Labor Service

The Second Russian Civil War Memorial was constructed to honor all civilians and FAF personnel that were killed during the Second Russian Civil War. It has an estimated 10,000 FAF Coffins and 2,500 Civilian Coffins. It is located to the East of Salavat (Where most of the combat took place). It opened two years after the Civil War.


The SRCWM was constructed at the request of the former Premier. She wanted it to serve as a grand monument that would make everybody remember the losses of those fighting the "Cursed Horde."

Nobody was sure on how to construct the memorial so construction wouldnt begin for a few months after the Civil War.