Serious Organized Crime Agency

Serious Organized Crime Agency
Agency overview
Annual budgetIM 1,356 million
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Operations jurisdictionBarrayar
Legal jurisdictionFull
Headquarters6 Citadel's Court, Seaworth Lane, Vorbarr Sultana
Sworn Officers15,883
Overall workforces41,194
Elected officer responsible
  • Alexej Varonevskij, Minister of Interior
Agency executive
  • Ethel Watton, Director-General of the Serious Organized Crime Agency
Parent agencyDepartment of Public Security

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (S.O.C.A.) is the anti-crime intelligence agency of the Ministry of Interior, established under the Department of Public Security, tasked with the fight against most serious criminal associations and co-operation with foreign counterparts. The S.O.C.A. is at all effects the central police force of the Empire of Barrayar, providing all three planets with far-reaching and specialized activities and services. It is the Barrayar's lead agency against organised crime, trafficking; cyber and economic crime that goes across regional and international borders, but can be tasked to investigate any crime. The S.O.C.A. has a strategic role in which it looks at the bigger picture across Barrayar, analysing how criminals are operating and how they can be disrupted. To do this it works closely with individual police forces. It is the Barrayaran point of contact for foreign agencies.
Members of S.O.C.A. can be designated the powers of a constable, customs officer or immigration officer and/or any combination of these three sets of powers that may be needed. The Director General of S.O.C.A. (or his designate) is responsible for determining which powers are given to members of staff which can be altered depending on the nature of the investigation.
S.O.C.A. operates from at least 120 offices across the Empire, known as "Regional Organized Crime Units". S.O.C.A. officers are empowered to perform a number of surveillance roles traditionally associated with Ministry of Protection of Imperial Loyalty, although, unlike MoPIL officers, they focus on "non-political" major crime. For the nature of their tasks, the S.O.C.A. is the most favourite operational partner of the Special Corps of Gendarmes of the Ministry of Protection of Imperial Loyalty.


The Director-General of the Serious Organized Crime Agency is the head of the Serious Organized Crime Agency, and as such is responsible for ensuring the effective running of the agency. The office is assisted by a Secretariat of the Director-General headed by the Deputy Director-General, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Central organization

The Agency is organised into four support Divisions and ten operational Divisions. In turn, Divisions are subdivided into Offices. Divisions and Offices are directed by the Secretariat of the Director-General and by the Director-General himself.

  • Legal Division (LED)
  • General Support Division (GESUD)
    • Office of methodological and analytical support
    • Office of Information Technology and Document Support
    • Organizational and Analytical Office
    • Logistics Office
    • Administration Office
    • Audit Office
  • Archive Division (ARD)
  • Personnel Division (PERD)
  • Inter-agency Cooperation and physical protection Division (IACPHYPROD)
  • Suppression of Human Trafficking Division (SUHTRAD);
  • Suppression of Organised Violence against Individuals Division (SUOVAID);
  • Suppression of Protected Art Trafficking Division (SUPATRAD);
  • Suppression of Crimes against the Economy Division (SCEAD);
  • Suppression of Corruption Division (SUCORD);
  • Suppression of Drug Trafficking Division (SUDRUTRAD);
  • Suppression of Children-related Crime Division (SUCHIRCRID);
  • Special Operations Division (SOD);
  • Strategic Services Division (STRASED);
  • Forensic Division (FORD)
    • Methodical Office
    • Technical Office

Suppression of Corruption Division

Suppression of Corruption Division (SUCORD) is a specialised anti-corruption authority, whose aim is to fight corruption in Barrayar in a coordinated and comprehensive way through prevention, investigation and education. SUCORD is also a pre-trial investigatory body and has traditional police powers.
Traditionally, the Division is the main organization which cooperates regularly with Imperial Auditors when they carry out the most traditional of their activities, i.e. the fight aginst the corruption.

Suppression of Drug Trafficking Division

Suppression of Drug Trafficking Division (SUDRUTRAD) is responsible for control and monitoring in combating trafficking drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors. The Division is specially authorized to address and solve problems relating to traffic in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors, as well as to combat the drug trafficking.

Suppression of Children-related Crime Division

The Suppression of Children-related Crime Division (SUCHIRCRID) is a Division of the Serious Organized Crime Agency and is tasked to work both within and without to bring datasphere child sex offenders, including those involved in the production, distribution and viewing of child abuse material, to the Barrayaran courts.
The centre is split into three Offices: Intelligence, Harm Reduction and Operations. Each Offices is supported by teams covering governance, communications, partnerships and corporate services. The intelligence office receive intelligence of offenders; the Harm Reduction Offices manages public awareness campaigns and educational programmes; the Operations Offices aims to tackle both abusers and those who exploit children for financial gain.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division (SPOD) is the multidisciplinary subdivision of the Serious Organized Crime Agency that investigates and support the prosecution of corruption. It is closely linked with the Ministry of Protection of Imperial Loyalty. Its operational staff of 600 consists of some of the best prosecutors specifically detached to the SPOD, police, financial, forensic and civilian intelligence experts in the Empire. The Division has the investigative capacity to prioritise and to investigate particularly serious criminal or unlawful conduct committed in an organised fashion, or certain offences or unlawful conduct.
It has two main Offices, namely:

  • Strategic and Investigative Support Office (SIPO);
  • Operations Office (OPO).

The SPOD is specifically mandated to deal with investigations into cross-departmental fraud and corruption in local and central government and fraud and corruption within the private business sector white-collar crime.

Regional Organised Crime Units

Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) are the peripheral articulations of the Serious Organized Crime Agency, charged with providing a range of specialist policing capabilities at a regional level, which help individual police forces to tackle serious and organised crime effectively. Each ROCU is supported by a Regional Intelligence Unit which is staffed by police officers and staff from each ROCU's force. The Imperial Police Force, the Komarran Security Forces and the Sergyaran Gendarmerie each have individual organised crime units which also support the Agency. Therefore, the main focus is the Barrayaran Northern Continent.

Specialised teams and functions

Regional Organised Crime Units bring together a number of specialised teams and functions under the one structure:

  • Regional Investigation Unit
  • Regional Asset Recovery Unit
  • Regional Intelligence Unit
  • Regional Protected Persons Unit
  • Regional Technical Surveillance Unit
  • Regional Cyber capability
  • Regional Fraud Unit
  • Regional Prison Intelligence
  • Regional Covert capability

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