Republic of Skjoldeland

Republikk av Skjoldejord
Flag of Skjoldeland
of Skjoldeland
Coat of arms
Motto: Inntil Rjuvik faller
Until Rjuvik Falls
Anthem: Nordlige hymnen
Official languagesNone officially
Recognised national languages
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Presidential Republic
• President
Torhild Lovaas
• Prime Minister
Kjell Mosby
• Speaker of Parliament
Målfrid Melland
• Chief Justice
Thore Hallum
• Minister of State
Endre Boyum
Independence from UKL
• Discovery by United Kingdom of Lhedwin
• Lhedwenic West Vestrim
• Autonomy Granted
• Declaration of Independence
• Republic Declared
• Constitution Written
• 2015 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$693.6 Billion
• Per capita
Gini (2018)0.24
HDI (2019)0.873
very high
CurrencySkjolden Skillingr (SJS)
Date formatDD-MM-YYYY
Driving sideleft
Calling code+48

Skjoldeland (Navish:Skjolejord) officially the Republic of Skjoldeland (Navish:Republikk av Skjolejord) is a Sovereign State located in Northern Vestrim. The country comprises of the Saltvik, the North-Western Vestric Mountain Chain and the Northern Archipelago. The Country is bordered to the North by the Arctic Circle, to the East by (TBD), to the South by the UVSS and to the west by the Jade Ocean. Skjoldeland's population are all located in the south with the overwhelming majority living in southern and coastal regions. The arctic region is world renowned for it's glaciers and natural beauty attracting thousands of tourists annually.

Various indigenous peoples have inhabited what is now Skjoldeland for thousands of years before Asuran colonization. Beginning in the 17th century, Lhedwinic expeditions explored and later settled along the Jade coast. As a consequence of various armed conflicts, the Inuit people ceded all territories in the main Colonial regions. In 1810, with the union of multiple Lhedwinic North Vestric colonies into Lhedwinic west Vestrim, Skjoldeland was formed as a unitary dominion to serve Lhedwinic interests and protect trade routes.

At the outbreak of the First Great War, Skjoldeland was still under the control of Lhedwin and subsequently went to war against the Grand Alliance. Despite seeing no conflict on it's own borders many Soliders from Skjoldeland were transported to Asura to fight; about 59,300 Skjoldic soliders were killed in the conflict. At the Millenium Peace Skjoldeland was granted independence after Lhedwin was split into it's various constituent countries.

For 20 years after independence the State of Skjoldeland was ruled by an Autocratic government supported by a Military Junta. In 1921 protests over the price of bread spiralled out of control and led to the toppling of the Government and a new constitution, stripping the military of all it's political influences and established a democracy with universal sufferage.

In the Second Great War, Skjoldeland remained neutral despite factions of the government advocating joining the Cyningburgh Pact. Socialist militia's took over briefly the city of Finnheim before being put down by the Provincial Guard.

Today Skjoldeland is ranked as one of the most developed nations in the world and one of the largest countries by land area on the globe. During winter months most of Skjoldeland is dark for the season whilst in summer the sun doesn't set. The country sits at the highest latitude out of any nation and the capital Rjuvik is the northernmost capital in Aeia.