Socialist Party (Lemovicia)

Socialist Party
ChairmanFilip Godlewski
Parliamentary LeaderMarcar Iturrioz
HeadquartersTopagunea, Lemovicia
IdeologyCivic nationalism
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre-left
Colors     Crimson
National Assembly
21 / 110

The Socialist Party (Lemovician: Алдерді Созіаліста, Alderdi Sozialista, Miersan: Partia Socjalistyczna), commonly referred to as the Socialists (Lemovician: Созіалістак, Sozialistak, Miersan: Socjaliści) is the primary opposition and left-wing political party of Lemovicia.

Established in 1992 by Jan Swiech and Walenty Gorczynski, the Socialists quickly became the preeminent left-wing party in Lemovicia, particularly as many of more left-wing members of the Liberal Democrats joined the Socialist Party. They remained a major opposition party until 2008, when they formed government. They governed in coalition with the Miersan People's Union until 2016, when they lost power.


According to the party charter, the Socialist Party of Lemovicia advocates for the governance of Lemovicia in accordance with "common-sense left wing principles." Thus, they advocate for the establishment of a welfare state, to increase regulations on business, and to recognise labour rights.

They seek to join the Euclean Community, as they believe that membership would "strengthen Lemovician values."