Solomonite Accounts

Account of the K'anaman Children

The Account of K'anaman Children is the 15th section of the Solomonite Accounts develops the idea of Maradisoban eschatology and concerns the details of 250 K'anaman Children. The original account alternatively calls the K'anaman Children the Children of the Assembly and focuses on the group from the view of an observer. The observer is never referred to in the text by any name other than first person pronouns.


  • First Chapter: A Hymn to K'anama
  • Second Chapter: The 250 Children
  • Third Chapter: The Journey to Serenope
  • Fourth Chapter: Fall of the Child Simon
  • Fifth Chapter: Fall to Barbary
  • Sixth Chapter: Fall to Depravity
  • Seventh Chapter: Ascension of the Child Simon
  • Eighth Chapter: The Journey to Asatiani
  • Ninth Chapter: Redemption in the Eyes