Nations and Protectorates of the Crown of Suvarov

Narody i protektoraty korony Suvarova
Flag Suvarova.png
Motto: Yedinaya i Nedelimaya
Anthem: Noch'yu Golod
Largest cityKryssiysk
Official languagesRussian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
• Suvarov Emperor
Mefodiy XII Suvarov
• President of the Crown Union
Anatoly Shigin
• Prime Minister of the Crown Union
Vikentiy Ulyashin
LegislatureUnion Congress
Union Senate
Union Duma
• Accord of Union
• Bill of Steadholdership
• Union Constitution
• 2020 estimate
• 2015 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
977 Billion NSD
• Per capita
15,753 NSD/c

Suvarova, officially the Nations and Protectorates of the Crown of Suvarov, is a country located in Eastern Belisaria. It neighbours Ostrozava and Drevstran to the south-east.


Eve of the Revolution

On January 5, 1958 Anna Kyrillovicha Suvarova, Imperial Princess, the elder daughter of Emperor Kyrill was assassinated by Roslanyan seperatist Pavel P. Rudin. Princess Anna, aged 22 at the time of her death, was touring the north, mainly to visit soldiers of the Internal Troops who were bringing food supplies to the Roslanyan Federation, which was suffering a famine in that winter. Rudin, who believed the famine to have been caused by the inaction of the Emperor, was executed by firing squad a mere four months later. Despite all evidence pointing to Rudin being a lone wolf, a punitive expedition against the Cossacks was organised immediatly, arriving in Minustroma in early February. While the expedition force, about 35,000 soldiers strong, marched through the Cossack principalities relatively peacefully, finding no actual revolutionary cells, it exacerbated the pre-existing famine. While initially comparatively mild, the famine turned for the worse in January and February. Modern researches estimate roughly 100,000-250,000 deaths as a result of it, and nearly a million people displaced.


Suvarova is a federal, parliamentary, represenatitive constitutional monarchy. Suvarovan Constitutional Scholars identify three documents of importance: The Accords of Union (1657), outlining the size and format of the Union, the Bill of Steadholdership (1758), implementing a system of deputisation for the Protectorates, and the Spring Constitution of 1977, which deputised the Emperor with the Union President, formalised the seven Union ministries and clarified their jurisdiction, and introduced a partial parliamentary system and a streamlined legal system.

Administrative Divisions

Name Status Population
X Kingdom of Marnov & Georgigrad Constituent Nation 7,410,000
X Kingdom of Beloksa Constituent Nation 3,128,000
X Kingdom of Budyobyshevsk Constituent Nation 9.046.000
X United Kingdoms of Abarinsk & Ulaleuz Constituent Nation 8,253,000
X Kingdom of Podozov Constituent Nation 4,263,000
X Kingdom of Belenezh Constituent Nation 5,451,000
X Central Kingdoms and Berevichi Constituent Nation 2,522,000
X Kingdom of Ashtsavichy Constituent Nation 1,531,000
X Northern March Constituent Nation 456,000
X Kingdom of Ulagarsk Constituent Nation 1,309,000
X Kingdom of Sevemara Constituent Nation 680,000
X Grand Duchy of Arzantsy-Minustroma Constituent Nation 88,000
X Grand Duchy of Alexandropol and Nicopol Constituent Nation 5,000
X Grand Duchy of Bybrowa Constituent Nation 75,000
X Grand Duchy of Khorlaiv Constituent Nation 25,000
X Capital Territory Constituent Nation 138,000
X Kingdom of Zhloda Autonomous Nation 2,524,000
X Kingdom of Bororgut Imperial Protectorate 428,000
X Kingdom of Yeronimopol Imperial Protectorate 2,451,000
X Kingdom of Yelagda & Kamyyev Imperial Protectorate 603,000
X Kingdom of Magapol Imperial Protectorate 1,099,000
X Kingdom of Grotlas Imperial Protectorate 601,000
X Federation of Central States Imperial Protectorate 1,277,000
X Federation of Eastern States Imperial Protectorate 1,138,000
X Federation of Roslanyan Cossacks Imperial Protectorate 1,476,000
X Grotlasnyan Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Kingdom of Grotlas) 128,000
X Bybrowan Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Grand Duchy of Bybrowa) 53,000
X Marnovan Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Kingdom of Marnov) 628,000
X Beloksanyan Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Kingdom of Beloksa) 1,036,000
X Central Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Central Kingdoms)) 299,000
X Podozovian Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Kingdom Podozov)) 664,000
X Ashtsavichnyan Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Kingdom of Ashtsavichy) 109,000
X Zhlodan Steadholdership Steadholdership (under Kingdom of Zhloda)) 177,000
X Kingdom of Altdorf Eternal Ally 1,950,000
X Grand Principality of Nayungri Eternal Ally 750,000
X Duchy of Borisotity Eternal Ally 113,000
X Duchy of Sosoransk Eternal Ally 93,000
Head of State Head of Government Chamber of Princes? Union Senate? Union Duma? Diplomatic Sovereignity? Sovereignity over Industrial Planning? Sovereignity over Agricultural Planning? Sovereignity over Education? Sovereignity over Defence? Sovereignity over State Security? Sovereignity over Internal Affairs?
Constituent Nation Suvarov Emperor, deputised by Viceroy Chancellor elected by National Legislative Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No
Autonomous Nation Suvarov Emperor, deputised by Viceroy Chancellor elected by National Legislative Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No
Imperial Protectorate Local Monarch, deputised by Imperial Legate Potentially Chancellor Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes No No
National Protectorate Local Monarch, deputised by Imperial Legate Potentially Chancellor Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Eternal Ally Local Monarch Potentially Chancellor No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No