Task Force 853

Task Force 853
Nightly Action of Squad A; captured via night vision goggles by Kimberley Tran.
Active29 December 2016 – 10 March 2021
  • Aurucolian Imperial Armed Forces
  • Holy Royal Trabian Army
  • Joyonghean Sovereign Armed Forces
  • Royal Quenminese Armed Forces
TypeSpecialized Infantry
Military Organization
RoleSpecial Operations
Nickname(s)"Of the North"
“The Young and the Restless”
Motto(s)The Future Must be Safe for all
MarchSweet Dreams - Eurythmics (Main) Bring It Back - Mirrored Theory (Fast-Paced Combat Relief Music)
Mascot(s)Grey alien
EngagementsImperial Crisis
Overall CommandersMevludin Abarronbašić (1st)
Paek Kyung-Soo (2nd)
Field Commanders
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia250px

Task Force 853 (conventional name: Joint Allied Task Force 853) is an international special operations unit that is comprised of members from the Aurucolian 15th/29th Special Operations Brigade, Concordian 2nd SAS Regiment, Joyonghean 12th Special Forces Group, and the Quenminese 5th Special Operations Unit. The task force was established on December 26, 2016. The formation of the force was for the purpose of countering any Imperial threat that would attempt to subvert the war effort of the Allies during the Imperial Crisis.


Since the start of the Imperial Crisis, the Imperials have sent in everything they have to finally push for dominance over the Eurasiannan continent, convertly and overtly. With an Imperial invasion of Aurucolia, the Joyonghea border conflicts with Lorica, and the Quenminese Civil War raging, the Imperials have shown their prowess once again that would bring entire nations under its wake. In response to these Imperial invasions and encroachments, the leaders of the Aurucolian, Joyonghean, and Quenminese militaries met together to come with a solution that would suppress the situation. Being that the problems that their countries are facing is at a far distance from each other and looking at the possibility of any covert subversion, the leaders gave the approval of forming an international special operations unit to deal with such hypothetical subversions. The commands of this newly formed unit were given to Aurucolian General Mevludin Abarronbašić and Quenminese Colonel Clarabelle Dinh who were actually present at the meeting.

The Task Force is comprised of members of Special Operations unit or any other elite-like units of the Aurucolian Imperial Armed Forces, Concordian Ground Defense, Joyonghean Sovereign Armed Forces, and the Royal Quenmminese Armed Forces. On February 15, 2017, the members of the Task Force reached 34. As for the unit insignia, most of the members agree with putting the head of a grey alien on it, as per their interests in science fiction and alien invasion works; especially, the apocalyptic science fiction film, Nemesis.

Command Structure

  • Task Force Command, Racheon
    • Kappa Team (Assault Squad)
    • Iota Team (Assault Squad)
    • Theta Team (Assault Squad)
    • Lambda Team (Reconnaissance/Surveillance Squad)
    • Eta Squadron (Logistics/Transport Squad)
    • Upsilon Team (Recruitment Squad)