Template:Region icon

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This template is used to display a region icon on the top-right area of an article page.

Derivative templates should be named in the following format: Template:Region_icon_REGIONNAME For example, an icon template for the region Ajax would be called Template:Region_icon_Ajax


{{Region icon
| Region         = <!-- The name of the region. -->
| Regionimage    = <!-- The name of the region's logo/image for the icon. -->
| Regionpage     = <!-- The region's page that will be linked to when the icon is clicked on. -->
| Regioncategory = <!-- The category to be used for the region's articles. Don't include the "Category:" namespace prefix. Default is the name of the region. -->
| Nocat          = <!-- Set to "yes" if you don't want the icon to automatically categorize pages. -->


{{Region icon
| Region         = Ajax
| Regionimage    = Ajax_Logo.png
| Regionpage     = Ajax
| Regioncategory = Ajax
| Nocat          =