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Template:SA user topicon

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This template displays a ribbon-style Service Award as a top icon in the top-right area of user pages. The template uses the page status indicator system as well as Template:Service awards.

Basic usage

To display the template, just place {{SA user topicon|year=year|month=month|day=day|edits=edits}} on the relevant page where the item in italics is replaced by the relevant value. These parameters are required, and should not be omitted.

The template takes four required parameters:

  • |year= – Starting year
  • |month= – Starting month
  • |day= – Starting day of month
  • |edits= – Number of user edits

{{SA user topicon|year=1995|month=1|day=15|edits=2000000}} displays the following as a top icon: This editor is a Vanguard Editor.

Summary of all options

This template takes many of the same parameters as Template:Service awards:

All parameters
Parameter Definition Default value
caption1 Message shown This editor is
caption3 Message shown (blank)
day Starting day of month (required - no default)
edits Number of user edits (required - no default)
month Starting month (required - no default)
punctuation Message shown (full stop)
width Width of image in px 48
year Starting year (required - no default)

Image size

The width parameter specifies the width of the top icon. The height is capped to 20px by the top icon template. The default of 48px results in an image that is 48 pixels wide by 20 pixels tall. Set this to 20px to keep the top icon the same width as a standard 20px×20px top icon.

Caption customisation

The caption on the template, which displayed as a tooltip when the mouse pointer hovers over the icon, can be customised using these parameters. The caption has two auto updating sections: one for the editor's title and one for the editor's award. The three caption parameters specify the text either side of these auto updating sections and the punctuation parameter specifies what punctuation character to use at the end of the caption.

Caption customisation parameters
Parameter Definition Default value
caption1 Message on template This editor is
caption3 Message on template (blank)
punctuation Message on template (full stop)


{{SA user topicon
 | year=1995
 | month=1
 | day=15
 | edits=2000000
 | caption1=Hello everyone, I'm
 | caption3=and proud of it
 | punctuation=!!!}}

Gives a tooltip of: Hello everyone, I'm a Vanguard Editor and proud of it!!!

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