Terre Azure

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The Holy Republic of Terre Azure

Flag of Terre Azure
and largest city
Port Blacksand
Official languagesFrench, English
Roman Catholic
Demonym(s)Terre Azuran
• President
Georges LeClerc
• Independent Kingdom of Terre Azure created
November 4, 1968
• Current Constituion established
October 9, 2015
• 2022 census
CurrencyTerre Azuran Franc
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy AD
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.taz

Terre Azure is a nation in eastern Teudallum, with a population of an estimated 32 million people. The capital and largest city of Terre Azure is Port Blacksand.


Beriquois Colonialism

Beriquois explorers first established trading posts in present-day Terre Azure in the mid-1400s. Dangish settlers also established settlements in the region, agreeing to pay taxes to the Beriquois crown in return for the ability to use the land. It was Dangish settlers, in fact, who first established Port Blacksand in 1612, after the Dangish were briefly expelled from Terre Azure during the reign of Jean VIII .

Following the Beriquois Revolution, a significant number of Beriquois nobles fled to Terre Azure, opting to establish themselves in the colony instead of following the crown and other nobles to Cassone. In the aftermath of the revolution of the defeat of Longin Bernadotte, the Terre Azuran exiles chose to rejoin Berique with the caveat that the nobility be allowed to retain their recently acquired tracts of land and other privlleges in the area.

Independence and the Kingdom of Terre Azure

In 1968, following a series of pro-independence movements throughout Terre Azure, Berique issued a referendum to decide the question of Terre Azuran independence. The decision to secede from the Beriquios Empire was overwhelming, with 88% of respondants voting in favor of independence.

In response, the Beriquois organized a government under Jean Rochefort to lead the new nation. Rochefort - from a family of Beriquois noble background - established a new monarchy to lead the nation on November 14, 1968.

The Nargolet Era

In 1982 a coup d'etat known as the August 4th Uprising overthrew the Azuran monarchy, replacing it with a theocracy under the rule of Father Raphael Nargolet. Beginning with a series of mass demonstations and strikes across the country throughout the summer of 1982, the August 4th Uprising saw a group of religiously motiveated military officers overthrow the Rochefort dynasty, and install Nargolet as the new head of the nation.

The Republic of Terre Azure

Following the removal of Raphael Nargolet in 2014, the EATA occupation forces established an interrim government under Dr. Andrew Mullins, an ethnic Dangish Azuran, to lead the nation during the transition to democracy. Mullins won re-election in 2018, but lost a third term to Georges LeClerc in 2022.


The federal government of Terre Azure is defined under the current Constitution as a democratic, federal parliamentary republic. The federal government is composed of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as numerous independent commissions. Aside from the federal government, there are regions (made of one or more governorates), governorates, and districts within Terre Azure with jurisdiction over various matters as defined by law.


Foreign Relations