The Holy Europe Revolution

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Revolution of 1720
DateJune 12, 1720-September 5, 1720
Creeperopolis Hanovia State government

Creeperopolis Holy Europe Empire Revolution group

Creeperopolis Supporters of Rudolf III
Supported by:
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870).svg Portastant Papal State
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Maria II  Executed
Creeperopolis Tesva Ramos  Executed
Creeperopolis Fidel Atieas Sánchez  Executed
Creeperopolis Rudolf III
Creeperopolis Miguel Gusa Gutiérrez
Creeperopolis Leopard of Prussia
Creeperopolis Franz Josafh
Casualties and losses
175,698 dead 1,000 injured
176,698 in total during the Revolution

The Revolution of Holy Europe

The Revolution of Holy Europe is the first democracy revolution in Mari II reign That became the turning point of the empire.