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1240 BC–1740 AD
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The great coin of Ancient Tucky
CapitalLudef (to 1204 ad )
Jude (1204 ad-1740)
Common languagesOld-Finnic
• 1240 BC - c. 1280 BC
Athelstan The great Ear (first)
• 1725 - 1740
Ajax iv (last)
LegislatureZhaatarti Conclave
Historical eraPre-Ethlorek
• Established by Carama the Golden
1240 BC
• Annexation by Earland
1740 AD
Succeeded by
Hyseran Empire
Today part ofAissurian Union

The League of Zha'tar was a Pre-Ethlorek confederation, comprising the client states of Ledh ti'Gara subjugated between 813 and 520 BC. Around 520, it rebelled from its Ledigaran overlords, and in a long and bloody war the two factions so thoroughly broke each others' power that both were subsequently subsumed into the nascent Hyseran Empire, which by 480 BC had annexed the last Zhaatarti territories.