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HTA-02 Jaguar II
Average unit cost NSD$16 million (FY2014) Manufacturer Danel Group Armored Solutions
Tingis-Lixus Mobility Systems
Proliferation Carthage
Gensokyo Republic
Production 2011-present
Production to date 17,750

950 exported

Crew 3 (commander, driver, gunner)
General Characteristics
Combat weight 64.2 tonnes (71 short tons) Height over hull 2.56 m (8.4 ft)
Hull length 8.03 m (26.3 ft) Length with gun forward 11.55 m (37.9 ft)
Width over skirts 3.85 m (12.6 ft) Ground clearance Variable 0.1-0.6 m (3.9-23.6 in)
Fire height 1.9 m (6.2 ft) Ground pressure Nominal: 89.35 kN/m2 (0.911 kg/cm2)
Mean Maximum: 237 kN/m2 (2.41 kg/cm2)
Type Feed Ammunition Traverse Elevation Maximum effective range
155 mm L/46 CBS-321 smoothbore gun CEB-322 two-part bustle + hull autoloader 36 rounds 360° (45°/sec) +24° to -8° 10,000 m w/guided munitions
CRA-336 7 mm PCTA electrically-operated chain gun, coaxial 3,000-round feed system 8,400 rounds 360° +24° to -8° 1,000 m
CRA-334 15.5 mm PCTA electrically-operated revolver cannon in FRC-354 remote weapon station 100-round ammunition box 1,300 rounds 360° +50° to -20° 2,500 m
IAG-127 30 mm gas-operated automatic grenade launcher in FRC-354 remote weapon station 40-round ammunition box 200 rounds 360° +50° to -20° 2,000 m
Fire Control
Gunner's sighting system Commander's surveillance system
Stabilized BSI CMOS + ICCD day sight and dual-band FLIR (LWIR/MWIR) night sight, CO2 laser rangefinder Stabilized panoramic BSI CMOS + ICCD day sight and LWIR FLIR night sight, CO2 laser rangefinder, Peripheral vision system
Driver's primary viewing system Battlefield management system
3 optical vision blocks, optional ICCD and FLIR night sights ECR-571 multiband/multimode VHF/UHF radio, GPS/INS and electronic compass, EPU-592 centralized combat management system
Drone provisions Battlefield awareness
Modular UAV Control Interface-compatible Deployable sensor mast w/FLIR, ground surveillance radar, gunshot locator system
Armor & Protection
Assembly Structural armor Spall liner
Laser hybrid welding Dual-hardness steel, fiberglass mounting Polyethylene spall liner w/boron filler
Passive armor array Steel/aluminum/rubber spaced armor, steel/silicon nitrate/silicone NxRA, silicon carbide tiles, UO2-100 strike plate, and aluminum foam
Floor protection Titanium diboride, steel spaced armor, aluminum foam, internal sloped-hull
Add-on armor Ōarai-type explosive reactive armor, optional cage armor
CBRN protection Sealed hull w/overpressure system, depth and centrifuge filtered, boron radiation shield
Fire suppression Active protection system Concealment
Automatic HFC-227a fire extinguisher system Radar/IR multi-tier Rho Aias APS w/two-tier hardkill defense and two-tier softkill defense 2 x 10 tube (2 grenades per launcher) smoke dispensers
Estimated turret protection Estimated hull protection Estimated ERA protection
Mantlet: 140 mm APFSDS, 180 mm HEAT
Weakened zone: 140 mm APFSDS, 180 mm HEAT
Front side turret: 105 mm APFSDS, 150 mm HEAT
Side turret: 80 mm APFSDS, 105 mm HEAT
Rear turret: 40 mm APFSDS, 75 mm HEAT
Roof: 35 mm APFSDS, 70 mm HEAT
Front hull: 120 mm APFSDS, 150 mm HEAT
Front 1/3 side hull: 80 mm APFSDS, 150 mm HEAT
Side hull: 80 mm APFSDS, 105 mm HEAT
Rear hull: 40 mm APFSDS, 75 mm HEAT
Engine deck: 35 mm APFSDS, 70 mm HEAT
Floor: 40 mm APFSDS, 105 mm HEAT
Front turret: 155 mm APFSDS, 200 mm HEAT
Side turret: 105 mm APFSDS, 150 mm HEAT
Front hull: 140 mm APFSDS, 180 mm HEAT
Side hull: 105 mm APFSDS, 150 mm HEAT
Rear hull: 105 mm APFSDS, 120 mm HEAT
Roof/engine deck: 80 mm APFSDS, 105 mm HEAT
Powerplant Output Fuel Capacity
Danel Group DVR-2-12/1200E V-12 turbocharged multi-fuel diesel engine 1,200 kW (1,600 hp)
24.9 kW/tonne (33.4 hp/tonne)
1,400 l (370 US gal) internal, 150 kWh battery pack
Transmission Steering Brake system
North Iberian RAT-40-16B series electric traction drive Electric with mechanical regeneration, T-bar control Electromagnetic regenerative brakes w/eddy current retarder
Type Road wheels Return rollers/idlers
Two-cylinder single-piston in-arm active hydropneumatic 14 750 mm (30 in) independently-sprung dual track wheels
HWA-730AD rubber-tired polyurethane-lined composite
Four return rollers per side
Drive sprockets Idlers Shock absorbers
12-tooth rear drive Dual compensating front idlers All
Type Center guide, dual-pin, double-block rubber-padded
Width Shoes per track Track pitch Ground contact length
650 mm (26 in) 93 180 mm (7.1 in) 5.42 m (17.8 ft)
Maximum level road speed 85 km/h (53 mph) Gradient 60% Maximum vertical obstacle 1.25 m (4.1 ft)
Maximum off road speed 64 km/h (40 mph) Side slope 30% Maximum fording depth 1.5 m (4.9 ft) unprepared
6.0 m (19.7 ft) with snorkel
Average cross country speed 40-60 km/h (25-37 mph) Minimum turning diameter Pivot Maximum trench-crossing distance 295 cm (116 in)
Operational range 775 km (482 mi) fuel + 225 km (140 mi) w/external tanks, 15 km (9.3 mi) battery, 1,000 km (620 mi) maximum combined