This user chats on Discord as onsen.
This user is primarily a
"Modern Tech" roleplayer.

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Chad, also known as onsen (式温泉) is one of the three founders of the region known as Narisis and the writer behind Huajiang

He is a native speaker of English, Intermediate speaker of Mandarin Chinese, Writer of both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

He is happily married to another man.

Me in Detail

"Let's clear something up here for the children. I am an adult, with an adult life. I have a job, which aside from being time consuming while I am actually -at- work, requires me to be on call when I am not. I do not have the time to sit and read through the thousands of pages of shit that some people post in the chat. I simply do not have the time. When I am not on call or at work I am also a Scout Leader, a volunteer youth worker, a community association secretary, and chair of a local role play association. So you should feel really fucking lucky that I am prepared to slice out even minutes of my day to offer to deal with your problems. If you don't like the fact that I am sacrificing my free time for you then I think the problem here is with you and not the region" - Anonymous

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