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Ukrainian preparations for SETC-2018 03 (cropped).jpg
An O74 in 2014
TypeMain battle tank
Place of origin Zacapican
Service history
In service1974–present
Used byZacapine Armed Forces
Production history
DesignerNTT 102
ManufacturerMaliqui Factory
Specifications (O74)
Length7.086 m (23 ft 3 in)
Width3.775 m (12 ft 5 in)
Height2.215 m (7 ft 3 in)

ArmorSteel, composite, ERA
125mm smoothbore cannon
7.62x51mm coaxial machine gun
12.7x108mm anti-aircraft machine gun
Engine6-cylinder diesel 16.5 liter
1,600 hp (1,200 kW)
Power/weight34 hp/tonne
SuspensionTorsion-bar, hydraulic damper
Ground clearance0.515 m (1 ft 8.3 in)
Fuel capacity1,300 l (290 imp gal; 340 US gal)
540 km (340 mi)
Speed73 km/h (45 mph) – 70 km/h (43 mph)

The O74 is a family of main battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles of Zacapine origin which first entered production in the early 1970s.

Development History

The design of the standard O74 and most of the subsequent variations originates in NTT 102 (Neyeyecoliztli Tlayolteohuilli Tlaxeloliztli 102, "Experimental Design Division 102"), a state funded military engineering institute located in the Zacaco Republic, Zacapican. NTT 102 has been responsible for many offerings in the realm of Zacapine military vehicles ranging from light reconaissance vehicles to heavy self-propelled artillery pieces, however its most well known creation is the O74 main battle tank which has served in the Zacapine armed forces for 50 years and been the basis for countless variants used across many military applications. The O74 also represents the most widely exported of NTT 102s creations and one of the most exported pieces of Zacapine military equipment. NTT 102 is no longer involved in new MBT designs since the acceptance of the O17, the replacement for the O74 family designed by NTT 57 in the Aztaco Republic. However, NTT 102 remains involved in designing other types of military vehicles such as IFV and APC vehicles for the Zacapine military.




Fire Control


YCT Nagual
Yaoyocamatetl Tepozzo Nagual is an armored fighting vehicle design used in the infantry fire support role. It is produced through the conversion of older O74 MBTs, replacing the original turret with a purpose built model armed with two 30mm automatic canons, one automatic grenade launcher and four ATGM launchers. The YCT is also fitted with additional ERA fixed over the O74 hull, as well as modernized sights and targetting systems. The YCT is treated as an upgrade conversion package to the O74 and is exported to O74 users internationally. It is well suited to urban combat due to its suite of weapon systems and superior protection compared to equivalent IFVs due to the O74's base armor with added ERA protection against shaped charges with some protection against anti-tank kinetic penetrators.
O74 Tzitzimitl
O74 Tzitzimitl
Zacapine Army MRL built on O74 hull equipped with a 220mm rocket launcher weapon system with 30 launch tubes. O74 Tzitzimitl not exported to any country and is only utilized by the Zacapine armed forces as self-propelled rocket artillery. The launcher of the O74 Tzitzimitl is capable of firing rockets fitted with thermobaric warheads. It is designed to attack entrenched and fortified enemy positions and light vehicles.
O74 YN
Modernization package for the O74 developed in 1997, the most common O74 variant in active service with the Zacapine army and others in present day. Includes an improved welded turret, modernized ERA and countermeasures, new thermal sight for the gunner and addition of CITV commanders thermal sight.
Upgraded version of O74 YN with the addition of a modern hard kill active protection system and set of laser warning receivers. It was the most advanced armored vehicle in the Zacapine armed forces prior to the entry of the O17 into active service.
O74 YQ
An alternative modernization package to the O74 YN which was rejected due to higher cost and production issues. It features heavy modifications to the hull including the relocation of the engine to the front of the vehicle in order to open up internal space for a passenger bay in the rear of the vehicle capable of holding infantry dismounts, converting old O74 main battle tanks into MBT/IFV hybrids.
The Zazamalhuicamatetl Tepozzo is a heavy infantry fighting vehicle based on the O74 YQ prototype. It incorporates the same turret model as that of the YCT Nagual as well as the heavily modified hull of the O74 YQ. It has the same armament as the YTC Nagual with one additional automatic grenade launcher and one additional 7.62x51mm machine gun. The modified hull accomodates 5 dismounts in addition to the 3 vehicle crewmen, giving it a total capacity for eight personnel.

+ AA, SAM, SPG, Recovery, Command, Bridgelayer