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Kylaris regional logo.pngThis user is a member of Kylaris.
West Riding Flag.svgThis user is from the West Riding, which has been unjustly partitioned since 1974.
This user is kinda quirky!

kakletron, also known as by a multitude of other names, is a Lore Adviser in Kylaris.

get in the bin

Calt is right

— krug, allen, liec, glitter & others
Country Region Seal/Arms Capital city Tech Notes
Active Projects of Kakletron
 Estmere Kylaris
Estmere Arms.png
Morwall MT England with Norman and Anglo-Saxon minorities
Abramea Aurorum
FR Coats-of-arms-of-None.svg
Jerach MT Hebrew council republic
Justicial State Interstellar Winds
FR Coats-of-arms-of-None.svg
Meshor'nesphy FT what if the rule by judges was in space???

Former Projects

 East Miersa (now maintained by Glitter)

To-do list

Articles in need of... Pages
Reworking Kingdom of Estmere, Axis of evil, Shangean-Estmerish Jindao Treaty, Cabinet of Estmere, Estmerish missing pensions scandal, Reginald Wilton-Smyth, Zoe Halivar, 2021 Estmerish general election, 1941 Estmerish general election, Left Party (Estmere), Estmerish Section of the Workers' International
Completion or major addition Caithia, Assembly of Caithia, Michlaus Habich, Progressive Social Democrats, Estmere, Parliament of Estmere, Prime Minister of Estmere, Savaders, Haberlin's, Morwall, Kingsport, Swerdia, Animus, Etten (film), Faculty (TV series), University of Morwall, Neeves, Richard XIII of Estmere, Rollo of Estmere, King Edward's Land, Long Peace, Wolfgar E.R. Godfredson, Reform Party, Sotirian Democratic Union, December 2021 Sotirian Democratic Union leadership election, Greens (Estmere)
Minor addition Homeland (Caithia), Rees, List of political parties in Estmere, 1938 Estmerish general election, March 2021 Sotirian Democratic Union leadership election
Creation Caithian people, Lloidas, Duane ap Drummond, Einion ap Calder, Witterism, Society of Jesus the Friend, Jakob Witter, Maria Witter, Albrecht Döuer, University of Damesbridge, University of Tolbury, States of Estmere, Counties of Estmere, Monarchy of Estmere, List of Estmerish monarchs, Education in Estmere, Alte Bruderschaft, Citizen William, 2018 Estmerish general election, Gallant Cineverse, David Duhamel Company, Jürg Ochsner, All Saints' Day attacks