EXPLANATION: While some of us in Esquarium don't especially care about other people using the same RL politicians as us for our political figures, some individuals in the region very much do want their politicians to be the only ones using the images of real-life figures. This can result in some interesting situations and, more often than not, conflict.

A little while back, I created a page section to list the images used by various politicians in my nations. This was mainly for my own use, since I'd inevitably forget several of them anyways. When I linked to the page on the IRC, I mentioned the concept of making a regional list for the sake of preventing any potential conflict and for general reference- simply because not all of these people have iiWiki pages or pictures on their iiWiki pages, and sometimes people don't want to hunt through NS threads to find a picture.

So now, you can just look here!

Anyways, please add yourself to this list in the way I have. First, type your iiWiki username or Discord handle or main account name or something along those lines as a level 3 heading, then "(do not care)" or "(do care)" to show whether or not you care. Under that, type the names of your nations as level 4 headings, and then list whoever you feel needs listing, why they're relevant, and whose RL image they use. If they have an iiWiki page, feel free to link to it; feel free to link to the Wikipedia page of the RL individual as well. Who you list is your decision; politicians, celebrities, historical figures, it's up to you.

Hopefully this can solve some of the fights that we see every so often in Esquarium. Add away, all!


Ainin (do care)


Do care

Do not care

will finish

Atlantica (do not care)


Ceresnia (do care)

QianRuri (do care)





Namor (do care)

Luziyca (don't give a fuck)



Franc (kind of care)



Gibbs (care about bolded)

Ambrose (not final)

and can I reserve Alf Landon, George Thomas, and William Rosecrans for future use

Pavonistade (don't care)


Sjealand (Only care about leaders)

Xiaodong (don't care, except for these)



Sjal (might care, ask first)


Prem (Don't care except for those bolded)