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Re: Violations of IIwiki Standards and Conventions

It has come to the attention of the IIwiki administration team that a substantial number of articles you created contain content which is heavily plagiarised from other sources, namely numerous Wikipedia articles. Examples include Romerism, Creeperian Catholic Church and Zapatista Army of National Liberation. If you are unaware of IIwiki's policy on plagiarism, allow me to apprise you: we don't like it. Taking a certain amount of inspiration from someone else's writing is acceptable; the occasional copy-pasting of a sentence formula from elsewhere is acceptable; the wholesale theft of large tracts of text, with only minor alterations such as changing the names, is not acceptable. Lifting large sections of others' work is not a substitute for your own writing, and it is not a salve to the other infraction I wish to note: creation of multiple one- to two-sentence articles which are in violation of IIwiki's prohibition of unlabelled, grossly incomplete content. This includes articles such as José Koné Ochelo and Gaceta Creeperiano. If these articles are works in progress, they should be labelled as such (e.g. with the template WIP) and added to over time. If they are not works in progress, they are woefully short for IIwiki articles.

Because of the nature of these infractions, you have been blocked from editing IIwiki for three days. When your block expires, I hope you will work swiftly to correct the offending articles. Please rewrite or remove any plagiarised content, and do some meaningful work on the numerous stub articles you have created. Failure to correct these articles may result in their deletion and further penalties against your account.

While you are blocked, take some time to consider the form your future contributions to IIwiki will take. We welcome constructive and original contributions and sincerely hope you will make many of these in your time here. We take plagiarism and all breaches of IIwiki's Standards and Conventions very seriously, and we will be watching your future edits closely.

~ Mal do the talking thing 23:33, 22 January 2020 (UTC)